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1) Kantay Dar Phool کانٹے دار پھول : Horse Thistle Lactuca Scariola Lactuca Serriola Prickly Lettuce : (noun) European annual wild lettuce having prickly stems; a troublesome weed in parts of United States.

Useful Words

Annual One-Year : Salana سالانہ : completing its life cycle within a year. "A border of annual flowering plants"

European : Europi یورپی : of or relating to or characteristic of Europe or the people of Europe. "European Community"

Lettuce : Salad Kay Patay سلاد کے پتے : leaves of any of various plants of Lactuca sativa. "I had yogurt rice with chopped lettuce"

Component Component Part Constituent Part Portion : Hissa حصہ : something determined in relation to something that includes it. "He wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself"

Bristly Prickly Splenetic Waspish : Badmizaj بدمزاج : very irritable. "Prickly woman"

State : Halat حالت : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Overthinking ruined his mental state"

Stem : Paida Hona پیدا ہونا : grow out of, have roots in, originate in. "The increase in the national debt stems from the last war"

Troublesome : Pechida پیچیدہ : difficult to deal with. "Don`t do business partnership with Aamir, i am telling you he is a troublesome guy and would deceive you later"

United : Muttahida متحدہ : characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity. "Presented a united front"

Weed : Ghas Phos Saaf Karna گھاس پھوس صاف کرنا : clear of weeds. "Weed the garden"

Crazy Dotty Gaga Wild : Kisi Kay Peechay Pagal کسی کے پیچھے پاگل : intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with. "He is wild about me"

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