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Proudly : فخر سے , Abase : بے عزت کرنا , Elation : بہت خوش , Amour Propre : احساس برتری , Ego : انا , Puff Up : فخر یا غصے سے بھر جانا , Arrogance : غرور , Arrogant : مغرور , Conceited : خود پسندانہ , Conceit : زعم , Elation : خوشی کی حالت , Proud : پر فخر , Bring : لے جانا , Flump : دھڑام سے پھیکنا , Exist : گزارا کرنا , Steer : راہ دکھانا , Carry : ساتھ رکھنا , Commit Suicide : خود کشی کرنا , Excel : سبقت لے لینا , Live It Up : لطف اندوز ہونا , Monologuise : خود کلامی کرنا , Preempt : دوسرے سے پہلےحاصل کرنا , Freshen : توانا ہونا , Absorb : وقف کرنا , Dare : جرت کرنا , Bother : زحمت کرنا , Accept : برداشت کرنا , Intrude : خلل ڈالنا , Back Down : پیچھے ہٹنا , Have A Ball : موج مستی کرنا , Luxuriate : عیاشی کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Proudly: with pride; in a proud manner.

Abase: cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of.

Elation: a feeling of joy and pride.

Amour Propre: feelings of excessive pride.

Ego: an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.

Puff Up: become filled with pride, arrogance, or anger.

Arrogance: overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors.

Arrogant: having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride.

Conceited: characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Conceit: the trait of being unduly vain and conceited; false pride.

Elation: an exhilarating psychological state of pride and optimism; an absence of depression.

Proud: feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth; or being a reason for pride.

Bring: take something or somebody with oneself somewhere.

Flump: set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise.

Exist: support oneself.

Steer: direct (oneself) somewhere.

Carry: have with oneself; have on one's person.

Commit Suicide: kill oneself.

Excel: distinguish oneself.

Live It Up: enjoy oneself.

Monologuise: talk to oneself.

Preempt: acquire for oneself before others can do so.

Freshen: become or make oneself fresh again.

Absorb: devote (oneself) fully to.

Dare: take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission.

Bother: take the trouble to do something; concern oneself.

Accept: tolerate or accommodate oneself to.

Intrude: thrust oneself in as if by force.

Back Down: remove oneself from an obligation.

Have A Ball: enjoy oneself greatly.

Luxuriate: become extravagant; indulge (oneself) luxuriously.

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