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1) Privatise, Privatize : نجی ملکیت میں دینا : (verb) change from governmental to private control or ownership.


Useful Words

Denationalisation : نجکاری , Communisation : قومی تحویل میں لینا , Communism : اشتراکیت , Capitalism : سرمایہ داری نظام , Nationalise : قومی ملکیت میں لینا , Communisation : قومی ملکیت میں لینا , Public Assistance : سماجی بہبود , Right : حق , Sublimate : پگھلے بغیر بھاپ بن جانا , Soviet : روس کی حکومت , Emancipation : رہائی , Motility : حرکت , Exchange : بدلنا , Property Right : ملکیت کا حق , Community : مشترکہ ملکیت , Have : مالک ہونا , Alien : انتقال , Assignable : قابل انتقال , Genitive : مضاف الیہ , Equity : حصہ , Document : کاغذات , Fleet : سلسلہ , Communalism : اشتراکیت , Socialism : اشتراکیت , Treasure Trove : پوشیدہ خزانہ , Collectivised : اجتماعی , Conglomerate : کئی کمپنیوں پر مشتمل کمپنی , Tenant : قابض , Collective : اجتماعی , State Capitalism : سرمایہ داری نظام , Inside : اندرونی طور پر

Useful Words Definitions

Denationalisation: changing something from state to private ownership or control.

Communisation: changing something from private to state ownership or control.

Communism: a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership.

Capitalism: an economic system based on private ownership of capital.

Nationalise: put under state control or ownership.

Communisation: a change from private property to public property owned by the community.

Public Assistance: governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need.

Right: an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature.

Sublimate: change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting.

Soviet: an elected governmental council in a communist country (especially one that is a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Emancipation: freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

Motility: a change of position that does not entail a change of location.

Exchange: change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence.

Property Right: the legal right of ownership.

Community: common ownership.

Have: have ownership or possession of.

Alien: transfer property or ownership.

Assignable: legally transferable to the ownership of another.

Genitive: the case expressing ownership.

Equity: the ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation.

Document: a written account of ownership or obligation.

Fleet: group of motor vehicles operating together under the same ownership.

Communalism: the practice of communal living and common ownership.

Socialism: a political theory advocating state ownership of industry.

Treasure Trove: treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth).

Collectivised: subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively.

Conglomerate: a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization.

Tenant: a holder of buildings or lands by any kind of title (as ownership or lease).

Collective: set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government.

State Capitalism: an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production.

Inside: with respect to private feelings.

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