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Probably meaning in Urdu

Probably Sentences

Most probably his flight will land after an hour.
He will probably win the election.

Probably Synonyms


Probably Definitions

1 of 2) Probably, Belike, In All Likelihood, In All Probability, Likely : ممکنہ طور پر, غالباً : (adverb) with considerable certainty; without much doubt.

He is probably out of the country.
He is probably returning from tomorrow`s flight.

2 of 2) Probably, Believably, Credibly, Plausibly : یقینی طور پر, قابل قبول طور پر : (adverb) easy to believe on the basis of available evidence.

Useful Words

Certitude : یقین , Ask For : دعوت دینا , Cert : یقیناً , Assured : یقینی , Reliance : انحصار , Assure : یقین دلانا , Positive : صحیح , Opinion : خیال , Ascertain : معلوم کرنا , By Far : بلا شبہ , Far : بہت , Heavily : کافی , Improbable : جس پر یقین کرنا مشکل ہو , Far-Flung : دور رس , Personality : شخصیت , Far : طویل , Glow : احساس , Veteran : تجربہ کار فوجی , Acquired Taste : وقت کے ساتھ حاصل ہوا , Doubtless : بے شک , Assuredly : بلاشبہ , Redundancy : دہرانے کا عمل , Disbelief : یقین کے بارے میں شک ہونا , Distrust : شک , By All Odds : بے شک , Clearly : بیشک , Unimpeachable : باوثوق , Implicit : پختہ , Doubting : شکی , Debatable : شک , Certain : یقینی

Useful Words Definitions

Certitude: total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant.

Ask For: increase the likelihood of.

Cert: an absolute certainty.

Assured: characterized by certainty or security.

Reliance: certainty based on past experience.

Assure: inform positively and with certainty and confidence.

Positive: characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc..

Opinion: a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.

Ascertain: find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort.

By Far: by a considerable margin.

Far: to a considerable degree; very much.

Heavily: to a considerable degree.

Improbable: having a probability too low to inspire belief.

Far-Flung: distributed over a considerable extent.

Personality: a person of considerable prominence.

Far: being of a considerable distance or length.

Glow: a feeling of considerable warmth.

Veteran: a serviceman who has seen considerable active service.

Acquired Taste: a preference that is only acquired after considerable experience.

Doubtless: without doubt; certainly.

Assuredly: without a doubt.

Redundancy: repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors in transmission.

Disbelief: doubt about the truth of something.

Distrust: doubt about someone`s honesty.

By All Odds: without question and beyond doubt.

Clearly: without doubt or question.

Unimpeachable: beyond doubt or reproach.

Implicit: being without doubt or reserve.

Doubting: marked by or given to doubt.

Debatable: open to doubt or debate.

Certain: established beyond doubt or question; definitely known.

Probably in Book Titles

Footer Davis Probably Is Crazy.
It`s Probably Nothing: More Adventures of a Vermont Country.
Probably Murder, I Figured.
Probably Still Nick Swansen.