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1 of 3. پیچیدگی Picheedgi : Abstruseness Abstrusity Profoundness Reconditeness Profundity : (noun) wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound.

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2 of 3. گہرائی Gherai : Profoundness Profundity : (noun) intellectual depth; penetrating knowledge; keen insight; etc.

3 of 3. دانائی Danai دانشمندی Danishmandi : Astuteness Deepness Depth Profoundness Profundity : (noun) the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas.

Related : Wisdom

Useful Words

Abstruse Deep Recondite : پیچیدہ Pechida : difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge. "The professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them"

Deepness Depth : گہرائی Gherai : the extent downward or backward or inward. "I miss you from the depth of my heart"

Insight Penetration : بصیرت Baseerat : clear or deep perception of a situation.

Intellectual Noetic Rational : دماغی Dimaghi : of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind. "Intellectual problems"

Keen Lament : مختصر طور پر بیان کرنا Mukhtasar Tor Par Bayaan Karna : express grief verbally. "We lamented the death of the child"

Cognition Knowledge Noesis : شعور Shaoor : the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

Heavy Profound Sound Wakeless : پکی نیند Paki Neend : (of sleep) deep and complete. "She fell into a profound sleep"

Wisdom : دانائی Danai : accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment. "Wisdom is more powerful than strength"

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