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شِدَّت : Shiddat Meaning in English

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2 of 6) شدت سختی : Intensification : (noun) action that makes something stronger or more extreme.

Related : Step-Up : the act of increasing something. Exacerbation : action that makes a problem or a disease (or its symptoms) worse.

3 of 6) شدت غم : Poignance Poignancy : (noun) a state of deeply felt distress or sorrow.

Related : Sorrowfulness : the state of being sad.

4 of 6) شدت زیادتی اضافی درجہ : Intensity Intensiveness : (noun) high level or degree; the property of being intense.

Related : Strength : physical energy or intensity. Vehemence : intensity or forcefulness of expression. Wildness : the property of being wild or turbulent.

5 of 6) جزباتی شدت طوفانی : Stormy Tempestuous : (satellite adjective) characterized by violent emotions or behavior.

6 of 6) زور اہمیت سختی : Emphasis Vehemence : (noun) intensity or forcefulness of expression.

Related : Intensiveness : high level or degree; the property of being intense.

Useful Words

کھردرا پن : Asperity, Sharpness : harshness of manner.

دشوار : Trying : hard to endure. "Fell upon trying times".

طعنہ زنی : Taunt, Taunting, Twit : aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing. "They are taunting me".

جارح : Aggro : (informal British usage) aggravation or aggression. "I skipped it because it was too much aggro".

گزارنا : Eke Out : live from day to day, as with some hardship. "He eked out his years in great poverty".

نذر کرنا : Give, Sacrifice : endure the loss of. "May I be sacrificed upon you naivety".

ثابت قدم رہنا : Bear Up : endure cheerfully. "She bore up under the enormous strain".

پناہ : Asylum, Refuge, Sanctuary : a shelter from danger or hardship. "Homeless students find refuge in school".

مشکل : Rocky, Rough : full of hardship or trials. "The rocky road to success".

زندہ رہنا : Endure, Go, Hold Out, Hold Up, Last, Live, Live On, Survive : continue to live through hardship or adversity. "Dialysis patient`s water intake is reduced and make it difficult for them to survive".

بری طرح سے : Hard, Severely : causing great damage or hardship. "Industries hit hard by the depression".

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