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Quarrel meaning in Urdu

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Quarrel Definitions

1 of 3) Quarrel, Dustup, Row, Run-In, Words, Wrangle : تو تو میں میں, منہ ماری : (noun) an angry dispute between two or more people.

What sort of quarrel ?
I have no quarrel with you.+ More

2 of 3) Quarrel, Altercate, Argufy, Dispute, Scrap : بحث کرنا, جھگڑنا, الجھنا : (verb) have a disagreement over something.

We quarreled over the question as to who discovered America.

3 of 3) Quarrel : ایک قسم کا تیر : (noun) an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges.

Useful Words

Affaire D'honneur : دو افراد کے درمیان لڑائی اسلحہ کے ساتھ , Affray : تو تو میں میں , Bicker : لڑائی جھگڑا , Feud : خاندانی جھگڑا , Spat : تلخ کلامی کرنا , Brawl : لڑنا جھگڑنا , Crossbow : کمان , Raise The Roof : غصہ ہونا , Anger : غصہ ہونا , Hot Under The Collar : بہت غصہ , Steam : غصہ ہونا , Blow A Fuse : غصے سے بھڑک اٹھنا , Anger : ناراضگی , Livid : سیخ پا , Bother : پریشانی , Anger : غصہ دلانا , Fume : غصے ہونا , At Loggerheads : متصادم , Neutrality : غیرجانبداری , Distemper : بدمزاجی , Bad Temper : چڑچڑا پن , Snarl : غرانا , Neutral : غیرجانبدار , Indisputable : جس میں شک کی کوئی گنجائش نہ ہو , Fight : مخالفت کرنا , Polemic : مناظرانہ , Intercession : مداخلت , Eat Into : غصہ دلانا , Bristle : سخت ردعمل دینا , Rampage : غصہ , Enrage : غصہ دلانا

Useful Words Definitions

Affaire D'honneur: a prearranged fight with deadly weapons by two people (accompanied by seconds) in order to settle a quarrel over a point of honor.

Affray: noisy quarrel.

Bicker: a quarrel about petty points.

Feud: a bitter quarrel between two parties.

Spat: engage in a brief and petty quarrel.

Brawl: to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively.

Crossbow: a bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel).

Raise The Roof: get very angry.

Anger: become angry.

Hot Under The Collar: very angry.

Steam: get very angry.

Blow A Fuse: get very angry and fly into a rage.

Anger: the state of being angry.

Livid: furiously angry.

Bother: an angry disturbance.

Anger: make angry.

Fume: be mad, angry, or furious.

At Loggerheads: in a dispute or confrontation.

Neutrality: nonparticipation in a dispute or war.

Distemper: an angry and disagreeable mood.

Bad Temper: a persisting angry mood.

Snarl: a vicious angry growl.

Neutral: one who does not side with any party in a war or dispute.

Indisputable: impossible to doubt or dispute.

Fight: an intense verbal dispute.

Polemic: of or involving dispute or controversy.

Intercession: the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.).

Eat Into: gnaw into; make resentful or angry.

Bristle: react in an offended or angry manner.

Rampage: violently angry and destructive behavior.

Enrage: put into a rage; make violently angry.

Related Words

Arrow : تیر , Conflict : تنازع , Argue : بحث کرنا , Fall Out : تعلقات خراب ہونا

Close Words

Quarreler : جھگڑالو , Quarrelsomeness : جھگڑالو پن

Close Words Definitions

Quarreler: a disputant who quarrels.

Quarrelsomeness: an inclination to be quarrelsome and contentious.

Quarrel in Book Titles

Quarrel with the Foe: A Paul Shenstone Mystery.
Hemingway`s quarrel with androgyny.
Johnson`s Quarrel with Swift: Johnson`s Part in the Swiftian Tradition.
And the War Came: The Slavery Quarrel and the American Civil War.

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