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Quarrelsomeness meaning in Urdu

Quarrelsomeness Synonym

Quarrelsomeness Definitions

1) Quarrelsomeness, Contentiousness : جھگڑالو پن : (noun) an inclination to be quarrelsome and contentious.


Useful Words

Crab : جھگڑالو شخص , Combatively : جھگڑالو پن سے , Sea Lawyer : حجت باز , Hornet's Nest : خطرناک صوت حال , Arguing : بحث , Leaning : جھکاو , Favor : حمایت , Feel Like : جی چاہنا , Leaning : رغبت , Desire : خواہش , Heart : رغبت , Indirect Request : تمنا , Favoritism : طرف داری , Benevolence : فیاضی , Disapproval : نفرت کرنا , Stoop : جھکنا , Liberality : آزاد خیالی , Sympathy : ہم دردی , Narrow-Mindedness : تنگ نظری , Submissive : مان جانے والا , Partiality : بے جا طرف داری , Combative : متنازع , Clinometer : نشیب پیما , Abney Level : سطح جانچنے کا آلہ , Disposition : رجحان

Useful Words Definitions

Crab: a quarrelsome grouch.

Combatively: in a bellicose contentious manner.

Sea Lawyer: an argumentative and contentious seaman.

Hornet's Nest: a highly contentious or hazardous situation.

Arguing: a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement.

Leaning: an inclination to do something.

Favor: an inclination to approve.

Feel Like: have an inclination for something or some activity.

Leaning: a natural inclination.

Desire: an inclination to want things.

Heart: an inclination or tendency of a certain kind.

Indirect Request: an expression of some desire or inclination.

Favoritism: an inclination to favor some person or group.

Benevolence: an inclination to do kind or charitable acts.

Disapproval: an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group.

Stoop: an inclination of the top half of the body forward and downward.

Liberality: an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom.

Sympathy: an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion.

Narrow-Mindedness: an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior.

Submissive: inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination.

Partiality: an inclination to favor one group or view or opinion over alternatives.

Combative: inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits.

Clinometer: an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation.

Abney Level: a surveying instrument consisting of a spirit level and a sighting tube; used to measure the angle of inclination of a line from the observer to the target.

Disposition: an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others.

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