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Random meaning in Urdu

Random Sentence

A random choice.

Random Definitions

1) Random : اتفاقی, بے مقصد, بے اصول : (adjective) lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance.

Bombs fell at random.
Random movements.


Useful Words

Jumble : گڈ مڈ کرنا , Mix : گڈ مڈ کرنا , Desultory : بے ترتیب , Aimlessness : بے مقصد ہونا , Haphazardness : بے اصولی , Arbitrarily : جگہ جگہ , Browse : ٹٹولنا , Drift : بھٹک جانا , Draw : قرعہ اندازی , Mess Around : مٹر گشت کرنا , Dice : پانسہ , Canvass : رائے طلبی , Kinetic Theory : نظریہ حرکت , Beano : ایک قسم کا کھیل , Fan Tan : ایک چینی تاش کا ایک کھیل , Purposefulness : معنی خیزی , Consortium : کنسورشیم , Arithmetic Mean : حسابی اوسط , Cloudy : دھندلا , Nebulous : غیر واضع , Allocate : بانٹنا , Priory : مسیحی خانقاہ , Adapted : تبدیل شدہ , Preparation : تیاری , Accomplice : ساتھی , Disjointedness : بے تعلقی , Sloppy : گندا , Chaotic : بدنظمی کی حالت , Apply : فائدہ اٹھانا , Judgmental : فیصلے پر انحصار کرنے والا , Seasonally : موسم کے حساب سے

Useful Words Definitions

Jumble: bring into random order.

Mix: mix so as to make a random order or arrangement.

Desultory: marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose; jumping from one thing to another.

Aimlessness: the quality of lacking any definite purpose.

Haphazardness: the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan.

Arbitrarily: in a random manner.

Browse: reading superficially or at random.

Drift: wander from a direct course or at random.

Draw: anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random.

Mess Around: do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly.

Dice: a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces; used in gambling to generate random numbers.

Canvass: an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people.

Kinetic Theory: (physics) a theory that gases consist of small particles in random motion.

Beano: a game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.

Fan Tan: a Chinese gambling game; a random number of counters are placed under a bowl and you gamble on how many will be left (0, 1, 2, or 3 modulo 4).

Purposefulness: the quality of having a definite purpose.

Consortium: an association of companies for some definite purpose.

Arithmetic Mean: the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values.

Cloudy: lacking definite form or limits.

Nebulous: lacking definition or definite content.

Allocate: distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose.

Priory: religious residence in a monastery governed by a prior or a convent governed by a prioress.

Adapted: changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose.

Preparation: the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose.

Accomplice: a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan).

Disjointedness: lacking order or coherence.

Sloppy: lacking neatness or order.

Chaotic: lacking a visible order or organization.

Apply: put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose.

Judgmental: depending on judgment.

Seasonally: depending on the season.

Related Words

Haphazard : اتفاقی

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