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Rattle Down Meaning in Urdu

1. Rattle Down - Rattle Off - Reel Off - Roll Off - Spiel Off : بے تکلفی سے پڑھنا : (verb) recite volubly or extravagantly.

Recite - repeat aloud from memory.

Useful Words

Abundantly - Copiously - Extravagantly - Profusely : کثرت سے : in an abundant manner. "They were abundantly supplied with food"

Declaim - Recite : تلاوت کرنا : recite in elocution. "Recite the prayer of Iftar"

Chattily - Volubly : بے تکلفی سے : in a chatty manner. "`when I was a girl,' she said chattily, `I used to ride a bicycle'"

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