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رضامندی : Razamandi Meaning in English

Razamandi in Sentences

Accession of kashmir.
He want to meet his Fiancee but he has no access in the girl`s house.

Razamandi Synonyms


Razamandi in Detail

1 of 4) رضامندی : Accession Assenting : (noun) agreeing with or consenting to (often unwillingly).

2 of 4) رضامندی : Agreeability Agreeableness : (noun) a temperamental disposition to be agreeable.

3 of 4) ہم آہنگی رضامندی : Accord Agreement : (noun) harmony of people`s opinions or actions or characters.

4 of 4) رضامندی : Consent : (noun) permission to do something.

Useful Words

انضمام سے متعلق : Accessional , جبراً قبول کرنا : Grudge , بیان کرنا : Condition , لفظی رضامندی : Agreement , ناموافق : Disagreeable , مناسبت : Congruence , متناسب بنانا : Proportionate , وعدہ : Promise , غلط : Faulty , متضاد : Discrepant , کسی سے اتفاق کرنا : See Eye To Eye , مشترکہ مفاد : Community , طے کرنا : Conclude , حق تلفی : Infringement , متفقہ : Consentaneous , متفق ہونا : Agree , اس کے مطابق : Hereunder , اتفاق پذیر : Pursuant , مطابق : According , ملی بھگت : Collusion , موافق : Accordant , اتحاد : Concord , طے کرنا : Concert , معاہدہ کرنا : Contract , مان لینا : Accede , خفیہ سازش : Collusion , بالکل : And How , رضا مندی ظاہر کرتا : Assentient , اختلاف : Discord , اتفاق رائے : Concurrence , مطابق : Consistent

Useful Words Definitions

Accessional: of or constituting an accession.

Grudge: accept or admit unwillingly.

Condition: specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement.

Agreement: the verbal act of agreeing.

Disagreeable: not agreeing with your tastes or expectations.

Congruence: the quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate.

Proportionate: agreeing in amount, magnitude, or degree.

Promise: a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future.

Faulty: characterized by errors; not agreeing with a model or not following established rules.

Discrepant: not in agreement.

See Eye To Eye: be in agreement.

Community: agreement as to goals.

Conclude: reach agreement on.

Infringement: an act that disregards an agreement or a right.

Consentaneous: in complete agreement.

Agree: be in accord; be in agreement.

Hereunder: under the terms of this agreement.

Pursuant: (followed by `to') in conformance to or agreement with.

According: (followed by `to`) in agreement with or accordant with.

Collusion: secret agreement.

Accordant: being in agreement or harmony; often followed by `with'.

Concord: agreement of opinions.

Concert: settle by agreement.

Contract: engage by written agreement.

Accede: to agree or express agreement.

Collusion: agreement on a secret plot.

And How: an expression of emphatic agreement.

Assentient: expressing agreement or consent.

Discord: lack of agreement or harmony.

Concurrence: agreement of results or opinions.

Consistent: (sometimes followed by `with`) in agreement or consistent or reliable.

Related Words

مزاج : Disposition , فرماں برداری : Complaisance , توثیقی صلاحیت : Affirmativeness , اجازت : Permission , ہم آہنگی : Concord , مطابقت : Concurrence , اتفاق : Consensus , باہمی رضا مندی : Unanimity , معاشرتی سمجہوتا : Social Contract

Close Words

مرضی سے : Fain , رضامندی سے : Consensual , ماننا : Accept

Close Words Definitions

Fain: in a willing manner.

Consensual: existing by consent.

Accept: give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to.

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