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Beach Waggon : بڑی ڈگی والی گاڑی , After Part : جہاز کا عقبی حصہ , Upstage : اسٹیج کا پچھلا حصہ , Hindshank : ران کا گوشت , Caput : سر , Ear Lobe : کان کی لو , After : بعد میں , Behind : پیچھے سے , Back : پیچھے , Rearward : عقبی , Back Door : عمارت کا پچھلا دروازہ , Hip Pocket : پینٹ کی پچھلی جیب , Rear : پچھلا , Backmost : سب سے پیچھے , Backstairs : عمارت کا پچھلا زینہ , Rearward : پیچھے کی جانب , Hindfoot : چوپائے کے پچھلے پائے , Backward : پچھلی طرف کا , Postern : چور دروازہ , Hatchback : ڈگی کا دروازہ , Tailboard : گاڑی کا عقبی حصہ , Saloon : ایک قسم کی بند موٹر جس کے دو یا چار دروازے ہوتے ہیں , Fledge : اڑنے کے قابل ہونے تک پالنا , Semi : عقبی باربردار گاڑی , Back Room : پیچھے کا دروازہ , Bionic Man : برقی آلہ سے چلنے والا جسم , Approach Trench : خندق , Pannier : بستہ , Dactyl : پیر ہاتھ کی انگلی , Motor Scooter : اسکوٹر , Back : جسم کا پچھلا حصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Beach Waggon: a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat.

After Part: the rear part of a ship.

Upstage: the rear part of the stage.

Hindshank: a cut of meat from the upper part of a rear leg.

Caput: the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains.

Ear Lobe: the fleshy pendulous part of the external human ear.

After: behind or in the rear.

Behind: in or to or toward the rear.

Back: at or to or toward the back or rear.

Rearward: direction toward the rear.

Back Door: an entrance at the rear of a building.

Hip Pocket: a pocket in rear of trousers.

Rear: located in or toward the back or rear.

Backmost: located farthest to the rear.

Backstairs: a second staircase at the rear of a building.

Rearward: directed or moving toward the rear.

Hindfoot: a rear foot of a quadruped.

Backward: directed or facing toward the back or rear.

Postern: a small gate in the rear of a fort or castle.

Hatchback: a sloping rear car door that is lifted to open.

Tailboard: a gate at the rear of a vehicle; can be lowered for loading.

Saloon: a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors.

Fledge: feed, care for, and rear young birds for flight.

Semi: a trailer having wheels only in the rear; the front is supported by the towing vehicle.

Back Room: a room located in the rear of an establishment; usually accessible only to privileged groups.

Bionic Man: a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices.

Approach Trench: a trench that provides protected passage between the rear and front lines of a defensive position.

Pannier: either of a pair of bags or boxes hung over the rear wheel of a vehicle (as a bicycle).

Dactyl: a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates.

Motor Scooter: a wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel.

Back: the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine.

Related Words

Body Part : جسم کا حصہ , Body : دھڑ

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