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Recusant meaning in Urdu

Recusant Sentence

The recusant electors cooperated in electing a new Senate.

Recusant Synonym

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Recusant in Detail

1 of 2) Recusant, Nonconformist : سرکش, منحرف : (noun) someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct.

Related : Beatnik : a member of the beat generation; a nonconformist in dress and behavior. Protester : a person who dissents from some established policy. Heretic : a person who holds unorthodox opinions in any field (not merely religion).

2 of 2) Recusant : نافرمان : (satellite adjective) refusing to submit to authority.

Useful Words

Conformist : مقلد : someone who conforms to established standards of conduct (especially in religious matters).

Beat, Beatnik : غیر مقلد : a member of the beat generation; a nonconformist in dress and behavior.

Immorality : غیر اخلاقی : the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. "The immorality of basing the defense of the West on the threat of mutual assured destruction".

Latitudinarian : مذہبی طور پر آزاد خیال : a person who is broad-minded and tolerant (especially in standards of religious belief and conduct).

Health Code, Sanitary Code : صحت کے سرکاری اصول : set of standards established and enforced by government for health requirements as in plumbing etc. "Health code violated".

Fair, Just : منصفانہ : free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; conforming with established standards or rules. "A fair referee".

Disbeliever, Nonbeliever, Unbeliever : منکر : someone who refuses to believe (as in a divinity). "He becomes unbeliever".

Balker, Baulker, Noncompliant : انکاری : a person who refuses to comply.

Know-All, Know-It-All : اپنے آپ کو ہر فن مولا مانے والا اور دوسروں کی نہ مانے والا : someone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others.

Long Shot : وہ کام جس میں کامیابی کی امید بہت کم ہو قمار بازی : a contestant that is unlikely to win.

Co, Conscientious Objector : اخلاقی عذر : one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience.

Opponent, Opposite, Opposition : حریف : a contestant that you are matched against.

Challenger, Competition, Competitor, Contender, Rival : حریف : the contestant you hope to defeat. "He had respect for his rivals".

Victor, Winner : جیتنے والا : the contestant who wins the contest.

Also-Ran, Loser : ہارنے والا : a contestant who loses the contest. "The losers can go home and the winners come on stage".

Standardise, Standardize : معیار کے مطابق بنانا : cause to conform to standard or norm. "The weights and measures were standardized".

Fit : چست ہونا : conform to some shape or size. "How does this shirt fit?".

Unlawfulness : لاقانونیت : the quality of failing to conform to law.

Finalist : اختتام تک پنہچنے والا : a contestant who reaches the final stages of a competition.

Adapt, Adjust, Conform : ڈھلنا : adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions. "We must adjust to the bad economic situation".

Stylisation, Stylization : تقلید پرستی : the act of stylizing; causing to conform to a particular style.

Adjust, Correct, Set : درست کرنا : alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard. "Adjust the sofa, please".

Ostrich : حقیقت سے انکار کرنے والا : a person who refuses to face reality or recognize the truth (a reference to the popular notion that the ostrich hides from danger by burying its head in the sand).

Fluid : رطوبت : continuous amorphous matter that tends to flow and to conform to the outline of its container: a liquid or a gas.

Pocket Battleship : ایک جنگی جہاز : a small battleship built to conform with treaty limitations on tonnage and armament (from 1925 to 1930).

Beat, Circumvent, Outfox, Outsmart, Outwit, Overreach : چکما دینا : beat through cleverness and wit. "I beat the traffic".

Flutter, Palpitate : دھک دھک کرنا : beat rapidly. "His heart palpitated".

Whang : طاقت سے مارنا : beat with force.

Whomp : مارنا : beat overwhelmingly.

Cane, Flog, Lambast, Lambaste : کوڑے مارنا : beat with a cane.

Walk Over : آسانی سے شکست دینا : beat easily. "The local team walked over their old rivals for the championship".

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