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Red Dogwood meaning in Urdu

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Red Dogwood Definitions

1) Red Dogwood, Blood-Twig, Common European Dogwood, Cornus Sanguinea, Pedwood : یورپی پت جھڑا درخت : (noun) European deciduous shrub turning red in autumn having dull white flowers.

Useful Words

Bell Heather : جامنی لال پھول والی جھاڑی , Common Myrtle : مورد جڑی بوٹی , Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi : سدا بھار لال بیری والی جھاڑی , Common Jasmine : گل یاسمین , Common Speedwell : گل حواشی , He-Huckleberry : سفید پھول والی جھاڑی , Common Snowberry : سفید بیری , Comptonia Asplenifolia : میٹھی امریکی بوٹی , Lyonia Mariana : ایک بوٹی جس کے پتے زہریلے اور پہول سفید ہوتے ہیں , Bouncing Bess : صابن والا پودا , Boneset : گلابی یا اودے پھولوں والی بوٹی , Agrostemma Githago : گل چنگ , Common Milkwort : مغزر شائعہ , Honesty : ایک پودا , Common White Dogwood : سفید پھولوں والا درخت , Berteroa Incana : سفید پھول والا پودا , Common Horehound : خوشبودار پھولوں والی جڑی بوٹی , Amorpha Canescens : ایک قسم کی جھاڑی , Blackbird : کوئل نم پرندہ , Calendula Officinalis : یورپی گیندے کا پھول , Common Spotted Orchid : منفرد پھولوں والا پودا , Common Lilac : گل یاس , Hedge Violet : چھوٹے پھول والا پودا , Chaenomeles Speciosa : جاپانی گلاب , Broad-Leaved Plantain : چرس کی ایک قسم , Common Oak : یورپی اوک کا درخت , Delichon Urbica : مارٹن چڑیا , Person Of Color : غیر انگریز , Common Spindle Tree : مضاض جڑی بوٹی , Fuchsia Excorticata : سیدھا کھڑا گہرے لال رنگ کے پھولوں والا دس فٹ لمبا درخت , Grass Vetch : یورپی پودا

Useful Words Definitions

Bell Heather: common low European shrub with purple-red flowers.

Common Myrtle: European shrub with white or rosy flowers followed by black berries.

Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi: evergreen mat-forming shrub of North America and northern Eurasia having small white flowers and red berries; leaves turn red in autumn.

Common Jasmine: a climbing deciduous shrub with fragrant white or yellow or red flowers used in perfume and to flavor tea.

Common Speedwell: common hairy European perennial with pale blue or lilac flowers in axillary racemes.

He-Huckleberry: deciduous much-branched shrub with dense downy panicles of small bell-shaped white flowers.

Common Snowberry: deciduous shrub of western North America having spikes of pink flowers followed by round white berries.

Comptonia Asplenifolia: deciduous shrub of eastern North America with sweet scented fernlike leaves and tiny white flowers.

Lyonia Mariana: deciduous shrub of coastal plain of the eastern United States having nodding pinkish-white flowers; poisonous to stock.

Bouncing Bess: plant of European origin having pink or white flowers and leaves yielding a detergent when bruised.

Boneset: European herb having small white, pink or purple flowers; naturalized as a weed in North America.

Agrostemma Githago: European annual having large trumpet-shaped reddish-purple flowers and poisonous seed; a common weed in grainfields and beside roadways; naturalized in America.

Common Milkwort: small European perennial with numerous branches having racemes of blue, pink or white flowers; formerly reputed to promote human lactation.

Honesty: southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration.

Common White Dogwood: deciduous tree; celebrated for its large white or pink bracts and stunning autumn color that is followed by red berries.

Berteroa Incana: tall European annual with downy grey-green foliage and dense heads of small white flowers followed by hairy pods; naturalized in North America; sometimes a troublesome weed.

Common Horehound: European aromatic herb with hairy leaves and numerous white flowers in axillary cymes; leaves yield a bitter extract use medicinally and as flavoring.

Amorpha Canescens: shrub of sandy woodlands and stream banks of western United States having hoary pinnate flowers and dull-colored racemose flowers; thought to indicate the presence of lead ore.

Blackbird: common black European thrush.

Calendula Officinalis: the common European annual marigold.

Common Spotted Orchid: European orchid having lanceolate leaves spotted purple and pink to white or mauve flowers spotted or lined deep red or purple.

Common Lilac: large European lilac naturalized in North America having heart-shaped ovate leaves and large panicles of highly fragrant lilac or white flowers.

Hedge Violet: common European violet that grows in woods and hedgerows.

Chaenomeles Speciosa: deciduous thorny shrub native to China having red or white blossoms.

Broad-Leaved Plantain: common European perennial naturalized worldwide; a troublesome weed.

Common Oak: medium to large deciduous European oak having smooth leaves with rounded lobes; yields hard strong light-colored wood.

Delichon Urbica: common small European martin that builds nests under the eaves of houses.

Person Of Color: (formal) any non-European non-white person.

Common Spindle Tree: small erect deciduous shrub having tough white wood and cathartic bark and fruit.

Fuchsia Excorticata: erect deciduous shrub or tree to 10 feet with maroon flowers; New Zealand.

Grass Vetch: annual European vetch with red flowers.

Close Words

Red : سرخ , Red Alert : ہنگامی صورت حال , Red Ash : امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا ایک چھوٹا سا درخت , Red Baneberry : لال زہریلی بیری , Red Beech : اوک کا درخت , Red Blood Cell : خون کا سرخ جسیمہ , Red Carpet : استقبالیہ سرخ قالین , Red Cedar : لال چندن , Red Cent : دو ٹکے کا , Red China : چین , Red Cole : یورپی لمبی اروی

Close Words Definitions

Red: red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood.

Red Alert: the highest level of alert when an attack by the enemy seems imminent (or more generally a state of alert resulting from imminent danger).

Red Ash: smallish American tree with velvety branchlets and lower leaf surfaces.

Red Baneberry: North American perennial herb with alternately compound leaves and racemes of small white flowers followed by bright red oval poisonous berries.

Red Beech: large tree of Australasia.

Red Blood Cell: a mature blood cell that contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the bodily tissues; a biconcave disc that has no nucleus.

Red Carpet: a strip of red carpeting laid down for dignitaries to walk on.

Red Cedar: fragrant reddish wood of any of various red cedar trees.

Red Cent: any cheap thing with bit value.

Red China: a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world.

Red Cole: coarse Eurasian plant cultivated for its thick white pungent root.

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