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Regenerate meaning in Urdu

Regenerate Sentence

The snake regenerated its tail.

Regenerate Synonyms


Regenerate Definitions

1 of 6) Regenerate, Renew : پھر سے شروع کرنا, تازہ کرنا, دوبارہ قائم کرنا : (verb) reestablish on a new, usually improved, basis or make new or like new.

2 of 6) Regenerate, Reclaim, Rectify, Reform : سدھارنا, بہتر بنانا : (verb) bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one.

3 of 6) Regenerate, Rejuvenate, Restore : دوبارہ پیدا ہونا, دوبارہ جان ڈالنا : (verb) return to life; get or give new life or energy.

4 of 6) Regenerate : جسمانی اعضاء کا تندیل ہونا : (verb) replace (tissue or a body part) through the formation of new tissue.

5 of 6) Regenerate : دوبارہ تخلیق شدہ : (verb) undergo regeneration.

Useful Words

Refinance : دوبارہ قرضہ دینا , Reassess : دوبارہ جانچنا , Irreparable : ناقابل مرمت , Remedial : مہارت کو بڑھانے والا , Demobilisation : فوجی خدمت سے فراغت , Abandonment : جائیداد سے دست برداری , Recondition : ٹھیک کرنا , Baseless : بے بنیاد , Believably : یقینی طور پر , Criterial : کسوٹی , Contradistinction : امتیاز , Award : عطا کرنا , Presumptive : گمان , Persecution : ایذا رسائی , Anti-Semite : امتیازی , Blindly : بنا سوچے سمجھے , Basic : بنیادی , Temp : عارضی ملازم , Collectivisation : اجتماعی بنانے کا عمل , Archetype : نمونہ , Semipro : تنخواہ پر کچھ وقت کھیلنے والا کھلاڑی , Charge Per Unit : نرخ , Roux : چٹنی کو گاڑھا کرنے کے لیے آٹے اور چکنائی کا پتلا سا مرکب , Capitation : فی کس محصول , Inorganic : غیر نامیاتی , Forecaster : پیش گوئی کرنے والا , Bank Discount : بنک کمیشن , Circumstantial Evidence : قرائنی ثبوت , Stipend : وظیفہ , Postulation : اعلان کرنے کا عمل , Criterion : کسوٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Refinance: renew the financing of.

Reassess: revise or renew one's assessment.

Irreparable: impossible to repair, rectify, or amend.

Remedial: tending or intended to rectify or improve.

Demobilisation: act of changing from a war basis to a peace basis including disbanding or discharging troops.

Abandonment: the voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away.

Recondition: bring into an improved condition.

Baseless: without a basis in reason or fact.

Believably: easy to believe on the basis of available evidence.

Criterial: serving as a basis for evaluation.

Contradistinction: a distinction drawn on the basis of contrast.

Award: give as judged due or on the basis of merit.

Presumptive: having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance.

Persecution: the act of persecuting (especially on the basis of race or religion).

Anti-Semite: discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion.

Blindly: without preparation or reflection; without a rational basis.

Basic: pertaining to or constituting a base or basis.

Temp: a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis.

Collectivisation: the organization of a nation or economy on the basis of collectivism.

Archetype: something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies.

Semipro: an athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis.

Charge Per Unit: amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis.

Roux: a mixture of fat and flour heated and used as a basis for sauces.

Capitation: a tax levied on the basis of a fixed amount per person.

Inorganic: relating or belonging to the class of compounds not having a carbon basis.

Forecaster: someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge).

Bank Discount: interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan.

Circumstantial Evidence: evidence providing only a basis for inference about the fact in dispute.

Stipend: a sum of money allotted on a regular basis; usually for some specific purpose.

Postulation: (logic) a declaration of something self-evident; something that can be assumed as the basis for argument.

Criterion: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated.

Related Words

Rejuvenate : دوبارہ جوان ہوجانا , Change : بدل جانا , Alter : بدلنا , Replace : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ رکھنا , Freshen Up : دوبارہ صاف ستھرا کر دینا , Renovate : مرمت کرنا , Freshen : پاک کرنا , Revitalise : دوبارہ زندگی دینا , Reform : سدھر جانا , Resurrect : دوبارہ بحال کرنا , Ameliorate : درست کرنا , Rejuvenate : دوبارہ جوان کرنا , Moralise : حوصلہ بڑھانا

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