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Regress meaning in Urdu

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Regress Definitions

1 of 5) Regress : چلے جانا : (verb) go back to a statistical means.

3 of 5) Regress, Retrovert, Return, Revert, Turn Back : واپس پلٹ آنا : (verb) go back to a previous state.

4 of 5) Regress, Retrograde, Retrogress : واپس لوٹنا : (verb) get worse or fall back to a previous condition.

Useful Words

Actuarial Table : شماریات کی فہرست , Surveyor : جائزہ لینے والا , Survey : جائزہ لینا , Absolute Frequency : تعدد , Life Expectancy : شماریاتی امکان رکھنے والا , Information Theory : نظریہ اطلاع , Parameter : خاص مقدار , Correlation : باہمی رشتہ , Acceptance Sampling : نقص شماری , Back : پیچھے , Former : پہلا والا , Depart : جانا , Bastardly : کمینہ , State : حالت , Statistical : شماریات سے متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Actuarial Table: a table of statistical data.

Surveyor: someone who conducts a statistical survey.

Survey: make a survey of; for statistical purposes.

Absolute Frequency: the number of observations in a given statistical category.

Life Expectancy: an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities.

Information Theory: (computer science) a statistical theory dealing with the limits and efficiency of information processing.

Parameter: a quantity (such as the mean or variance) that characterizes a statistical population and that can be estimated by calculations from sample data.

Correlation: a statistical relation between two or more variables such that systematic changes in the value of one variable are accompanied by systematic changes in the other.

Acceptance Sampling: a statistical procedure for accepting or rejecting a batch of merchandise or documents; involves determining the maximum number of defects discovered in a sample before the entire batch is rejected.

Back: at or to or toward the back or rear.

Former: the first of two or the first mentioned of two.

Depart: move away from a place into another direction.

Bastardly: of no value or worth.

State: the way something is with respect to its main attributes.

Statistical: of or relating to statistics.

Related Words

Reversal : مخالف , Change : بدل جانا , Change By Reversal : بدل دینا , Decline : بد تر ہونا , Go Back : نقصان کے بعد دوبارہ بہتری ہونا , Drop Off : پسپا ہو جانا

Close Words

Regression : وقت سے پہلے نشو نما کا رک جانا , Regressive : رجعت پسند

Close Words Definitions

Regression: an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely.

Regressive: opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state.