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Regulate meaning in Urdu

Regulate Sentences

We cannot regulate the way people dress.
Regulate the temperature.

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Regulate in Detail

1 of 2) Regulate, Modulate : اعتدال میں لانا, قابو میں لانا, با قاعدہ بنانا : (verb) fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of.

Related : Set : alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard.

2 of 2) Regulate, Govern, Order, Regularise, Regularize : اصولوں کے مطابق بنانا : (verb) bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations.

This town likes to regulate.

Related : Standardize : cause to conform to standard or norm. Make Up One's Mind : reach, make, or come to a decision about something. Zone : regulate housing in; of certain areas of towns.

Useful Words

Accommodative, Cooperative : مصالحتی : willing to adjust to differences in order to obtain agreement.

Sync, Synchronise, Synchronize : ملانا : make synchronous and adjust in time or manner. "You have to sync contacts list".

Compensate, Correct, Counterbalance, Even Off, Even Out, Even Up, Make Up : ٹھیک کرنا : adjust for. "Engineers will work to correct the effects or air resistance".

Readapt, Readjust : دوبارہ مرتب کرنا : adjust anew. "After moving back to America, he had to readjust".

Tune, Tune Up : بہتر بنانا : adjust for (better) functioning. "Tune up my generator".

Elastic, Flexible, Pliable, Pliant : اپنے آپ کو حالات کے مطابق ڈھالنا : able to adjust readily to different conditions. "An adaptable person".

Orient, Tailor : تبدیلی کرکے کسی کے لئے خاص بنانا : adjust to a specific need or market. "A magazine oriented towards young people".

Fit : فٹ کرنا : insert or adjust several objects or people. "Can you fit the toy into the box?".

Attune : سر ملانا : adjust or accustom to; bring into harmony with.

Zero, Zero In : نشانہ لگانا : adjust (as by firing under test conditions) the zero of (a gun). "He zeroed in his rifle at 200 yards".

Collimate : توازن گری کرنا : adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument).

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