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Rejuvenation meaning in Urdu

Rejuvenation Sentence

The annual rejuvenation of the landscape.

Rejuvenation Synonym

Rejuvenation Definitions

1 of 2) Rejuvenation, Greening : بحالی : (noun) the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored.


2 of 2) Rejuvenation : بحالی شباب : (noun) the act of restoring to a more youthful condition.

Useful Words

Fade : مرجھانا , Juvenility : جوانی , Consequence : اثر , Bleached : بے رنگ , Stale : باسی , Come Back : پہلی حیثیت حاصل کرنا , Refurbishment : صاف ستھرائی , Hale : صحت مند , Repatriate : وہ جس کو واپس اپنے وطن لوٹا دیا جا ئے , Devitalisation : کمزور کرنے کا عمل , Sprightly : خوش مزاجی سے , Bracing : تازگی بخش , Moribund : بے حرکت , Invigorate : توانائی سے بھر دینا , Gutless : کم ہمت , Arid : سوکھا , Debile : کمزور , Animator : زندگی بخشنے والا , Inanition : کمزوری , Wan : بیمار , Indefatigable : بے حد محنتی , Abiotrophy : اعصابی کمزوری , Even Chance : قسمت کی بات , Phenomenal : عجوبوں سے متعلق , Cachexia : کمزوری , Degeneration : زوال , Diagnosing : تشخیص , Diachronic : تاریخ لسانی , Homophonous : ہم آواز الفاظ , Acoustic Phenomenon : آواز کی ترسیل , Acoustic Projection : آواز کی وسعت

Useful Words Definitions

Fade: lose freshness, vigor, or vitality.

Juvenility: the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person.

Consequence: a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon.

Bleached: having lost freshness or brilliance of color.

Stale: lacking freshness, palatability, or showing deterioration from age.

Come Back: be restored.

Refurbishment: the state of being restored to its former good condition.

Hale: exhibiting or restored to vigorous good health.

Repatriate: a person who has returned to the country of origin or whose citizenship has been restored.

Devitalisation: the act of reducing the vitality of something.

Sprightly: full of spirit and vitality.

Bracing: imparting vitality and energy.

Moribund: not growing or changing; without force or vitality.

Invigorate: impart vigor, strength, or vitality to.

Gutless: weak in willpower, courage or vitality.

Arid: lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless.

Debile: lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality.

Animator: someone who imparts energy and vitality and spirit to other people.

Inanition: weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy.

Wan: lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or unhappiness.

Indefatigable: showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality.

Abiotrophy: a loss of vitality and a degeneration of cells and tissues not due to any apparent injury.

Even Chance: an unpredictable phenomenon.

Phenomenal: of or relating to a phenomenon.

Cachexia: any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease.

Degeneration: the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or essential quality.

Diagnosing: identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon.

Diachronic: used of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time.

Homophonous: characteristic of the phenomenon of words of different origins that are pronounced the same way.

Acoustic Phenomenon: a physical phenomenon associated with the production or transmission of sound.

Acoustic Projection: the acoustic phenomenon that gives sound a penetrating quality.

Related Words

Restoration : بحالی کا عمل , Recreation : تازگی

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