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Relaxant meaning in Urdu

Relaxant Sentence

A relaxant drug.

Relaxant Definitions

1 of 2) Relaxant : سکون آور دوا : (noun) a drug that relaxes and relieves tension.


2 of 2) Relaxant : ٹینشن کو کم کرنے والی دوا : (satellite adjective) tending to relax or relieve muscular or nervous tension.

Useful Words

Curare : زہریلا گوند , Succinylcholine : مختصرالعمل عضلے کو آرام پہنچانے والا , Designer Drug : ایک قسم کی دوا , Agonist : سکڑنے والا عضو , Antipruritic : ایسی شئے جو خارش یا کھجلی کو روکتی ہے , Alpha Blocker : ایک قسم کی دوائی , Cannabis : بھنگ , Drug Addiction : نشہ آور دوا کا نشہ , Unbrace : پریشانی سے آزاد کر دینا , Tensionless : بے کھچاو , Slack : ڈھیلا کرنا , Tensile : کھنچاو والا , Tense : دباو بڑھنا , Tensional : کھنچاو کا , Crack : پھٹنا , Tense : سخت ذہنی دباو میں , Anaerobic Exercise : تن سازی , Strain : تناو , Abreact : بھڑاس نکالنا , Taut : پریشانی , Amyotonia : ضعف اعصاب , Unflurried : پریشانی سے آزاد , Unbend : ذہنی بوج کم کرنا , Cruelness : سفاکی , Easiness : سکون محسوس کرنا , Antianxiety Drug : زہنی دباو دور کرنے کی دوا , Divide : دو گرپوں میں اختلاف ہونا , Grid : بجلی کے تاروں کا سلسلہ , Tone : پٹہوں کے تناوٴ کی معمول کی حالت , Surface-Active Agent : رطوبت انگیز مادہ , Choker : جھینپو

Useful Words Definitions

Curare: a toxic alkaloid found in certain tropical South American trees that is a powerful relaxant for striated muscles.

Succinylcholine: a muscle relaxant for striated muscle that is used as an adjunct to anesthesia during certain surgical procedures.

Designer Drug: a psychoactive drug deliberately synthesized to avoid anti-drug laws; mimics the effects of a banned drug; law was revised in 1986 to ban designer drugs.

Agonist: a muscle that contracts while another relaxes.

Antipruritic: a substance that relieves or prevents itching.

Alpha Blocker: any of various drugs that block alpha-adrenergic receptors; used in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia; relaxes the muscles of the prostate and bladder.

Cannabis: the most commonly used illicit drug; considered a soft drug, it consists of the dried leaves of the hemp plant; smoked or chewed for euphoric effect.

Drug Addiction: an addiction to a drug (especially a narcotic drug).

Unbrace: remove from tension.

Tensionless: free from tension.

Slack: release tension on.

Tensile: of or relating to tension.

Tense: increase the tension on.

Tensional: of or relating to or produced by tension.

Crack: break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension.

Tense: in or of a state of physical or nervous tension.

Anaerobic Exercise: exercise that builds muscles through tension.

Strain: difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension.

Abreact: discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization.

Taut: subjected to great tension; stretched tight.

Amyotonia: lack of normal muscular tension or tonus.

Unflurried: free from emotional agitation or nervous tension.

Unbend: release from mental strain, tension, or formality.

Cruelness: the quality of being cruel and causing tension or annoyance.

Easiness: a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry.

Antianxiety Drug: a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability.

Divide: a serious disagreement between two groups of people (typically producing tension or hostility).

Grid: a system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region.

Tone: the elastic tension of living muscles, arteries, etc. that facilitate response to stimuli.

Surface-Active Agent: a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved.

Choker: an unfortunate person who is unable to perform effectively because of nervous tension or agitation.

Related Words

Drug : دوا

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