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Reliance meaning in Urdu

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Reliance Definitions

1 of 2) Reliance, Trust : انحصار, بھروسا : (noun) certainty based on past experience.

He wrote the paper with considerable reliance on the work of other scientists.

2 of 2) Reliance : آسرا, سہارا : (noun) the state of relying on something.

Useful Words

Undependable : جس کا بھروسہ نہ ہو , Dependable : پختہ , Demoralising : دل شکن , Certitude : یقین , Hawala : ہنڈی , Debenture : کفالت نامہ تمسک , Paracelsus : سوئٹزرلینڈ کا معالج , Credit : بھروسہ ہونا , Inexperience : ناواقفیت , Existential : تجرباتی , Cert : یقیناً , Assured : یقینی , Belike : ممکنہ طور پر , Assure : یقین دلانا , Positive : صحیح , Opinion : خیال , Ascertain : معلوم کرنا , Repose : بھروسہ کرنا , Perfidiousness : بے وفائی , Commit : سونپنا , Depend On : کسی پر بھروسہ کرنا , On Faith : بھروسے اور یقین کے ساتھ , Confidence : بھروسہ , Untrustworthy : ناقابل بھروسا , Confidingly : بھروسے سے , Trustworthy : اعتماد کے قابل , Untrue : جہوٹا , Defalcator : خائن , Trustiness : وفاداری , Sure : معتبر , Active Trust : وقف

Useful Words Definitions

Undependable: not worthy of reliance or trust.

Dependable: worthy of reliance or trust.

Demoralising: destructive of morale and self-reliance.

Certitude: total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant.

Hawala: an underground banking system based on trust whereby money can be made available internationally without actually moving it or leaving a record of the transaction.

Debenture: the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

Paracelsus: Swiss physician who introduced treatments of particular illnesses based on his observation and experience; he saw illness as having an external cause (rather than an imbalance of humors) and replaced traditional remedies with chemical remedies (1493-1541).

Credit: have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of.

Inexperience: lack of experience and the knowledge and understanding derived from experience.

Existential: derived from experience or the experience of existence.

Cert: an absolute certainty.

Assured: characterized by certainty or security.

Belike: with considerable certainty; without much doubt.

Assure: inform positively and with certainty and confidence.

Positive: characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc..

Opinion: a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.

Ascertain: find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort.

Repose: to put something (eg trust) in something.

Perfidiousness: betrayal of a trust.

Commit: confer a trust upon.

Depend On: put trust in with confidence.

On Faith: with trust and confidence.

Confidence: a feeling of trust (in someone or something).

Untrustworthy: not worthy of trust or belief.

Confidingly: with trust; in a trusting manner.

Trustworthy: worthy of trust or belief.

Untrue: not true to an obligation or trust.

Defalcator: someone who violates a trust by taking (money) for his own use.

Trustiness: the trait of deserving trust and confidence.

Sure: (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence.

Active Trust: a trust in which the trustee must perform certain duties.

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