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Repair 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Repair Sentences

They will not be able to play cricket today because the ground is being repaired.
She repaired her TV set at home.

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1 of 6) Repair : مرمت Marammat : (noun) the act of putting something in working order again.

English Synonym(s) : Fix Fixing Fixture Mend Mending Reparation

Related : Improvement Darning Upkeep


2 of 6) Repair : ٹھیک کرنا Theek Karna : (verb) restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.

Urdu Synonym(s) : مرمت کرنا Marammat Karna

English Synonym(s) : Bushel Doctor Fix Furbish Up Mend Restore Touch On

Related : Meliorate Tinker Cobble

3 of 6) Repair : تلافی کرنا Talaafi Karna : (verb) make amends for; pay compensation for.

One can never fully repair the suffering and losses of the Jews in the Third Reich.

English Synonym(s) : Compensate Indemnify Recompense

Related : Pay

5 of 6) Repair : اصلاح کرنا Islaah Karna : (verb) set straight or right.

Repair an oversight.

English Synonym(s) : Amend Rectify Remediate Remedy

Related : Right

6 of 6) Repair : توانا کرنا Twana Karna : (verb) give new life or energy to.

This treatment repaired my health.

Urdu Synonym(s) : تقوبت بخشنا Taqwabat Bakhshna دوبارہ زندہ کرنا Dobara Zinda Karna

English Synonym(s) : Animate Quicken Reanimate Recreate Renovate Revive Revivify Vivify

Related : Stimulate Revive

Useful Words

Act Deed Human Action Human Activity : کام Kam : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Again Once Again Once More Over Again : دوبارہ Dobara : anew. "Mustafa Kamal got duped again"

Broken Busted : خراب Kharab : out of working order (`busted` is an informal substitute for `broken`). "The AC has broken"

Enjoin Order Say Tell : حکم دینا Hukum Dena : give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority. "I said to him to go home"

Part Partially Partly : جزوی طور پر Juzvi Tor Par : in part; in some degree; not wholly. "I felt partly to blame"

Putt Putting : گالف کی گیند کو مارنا Galf Ki Gaynd Ko Maarna : hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter. "His putting let him down today; he didn't sink a single putt over three feet"

Replacement Replacing : تبادلہ Tabadla : the act of furnishing an equivalent person or thing in the place of another. "Replacing the star will not be easy"

Reconstruct Restore : بحال کرنا Bahal Karna : return to its original or usable and functioning condition. "Power had hardly been restored"

Something : کوئی چیز Koi Cheez : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

Together : اکٹھے Ek Dusray Kay Sath : in each other`s company. "Can we have dinner together?"

Lacerate Lacerated Mangled Torn : زخمی Zakhmi : having edges that are jagged from injury.

Functional Operative Running Working : چلتی ہوئی Chalti Hui : (of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing. "AC is not working, isn`t it?"