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Repossession meaning in Urdu

Repossession Definitions

1) Repossession : دوبارہ قبضے میں لے لینے کا عمل : (noun) the action of regaining possession (especially the seizure of collateral securing a loan that is in default).


Useful Words

Trespass : بے جا مداخلت کرنا , Collateralize : ضمانت دینا , Staple : کنڈا , Recovery : واگزاری , Guarantee : ضمانت نامہ , Security : ضمانت , Arrogation : ضبطگی , Drug Bust : غیر قانونی دوائیوں پر پولس کا قبضہ کرنے کا عمل , Highjack : اغواء , Complex Absence : مرگی , Call Loan : عندالطلب قرض , Auto Loan : گاڑی کے لئے قرض , Collateral : ضمانت , Preparation : تیاری , Abomination : قابل نفرت عمل , Motivation : مقصد , Equity Credit Line : گھر گروی رکھوا کر لیا گیا قرض , Interjection : ملاوٹ , Counteraction : توڑ , Action Replay : فوری جواب , Allow : دینا , Aura : کپکپی , Bank Discount : بنک کمیشن , Mortgage : گروی رکھنا , Term Insurance : میعادی بیمہ , Procural : حصول , Have : لینا , Away : دے دینا , Accrue : ملکیت میں آنا , Obtain : پانا , Hold On : رکھنا

Useful Words Definitions

Trespass: a wrongful interference with the possession of property (personal property as well as realty), or the action instituted to recover damages.

Collateralize: pledge as a collateral.

Staple: a short U-shaped wire nail for securing cables.

Recovery: the act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost).

Guarantee: a collateral agreement to answer for the debt of another in case that person defaults.

Security: property that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation.

Arrogation: seizure by the government.

Drug Bust: seizure of illegal drugs by the police.

Highjack: seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination.

Complex Absence: an absence seizure accompanied by other abnormalities (atonia or automatisms or vasomotor changes).

Call Loan: a loan that is repayable on demand.

Auto Loan: a personal loan to purchase an automobile.

Collateral: a security pledged for the repayment of a loan.

Preparation: the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action).

Abomination: an action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence.

Motivation: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.

Equity Credit Line: a loan secured by equity value in the borrower`s home.

Interjection: the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts.

Counteraction: action intended to nullify the effects of some previous action.

Action Replay: the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape.

Allow: make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen.

Aura: a sensation (as of a cold breeze or bright light) that precedes the onset of certain disorders such as a migraine attack or epileptic seizure.

Bank Discount: interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan.

Mortgage: a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan.

Term Insurance: low-cost insurance that is valid only for a stated period of time and has no cash surrender value or loan value.

Procural: the act of getting possession of something.

Have: get something; come into possession of.

Away: from one's possession.

Accrue: come into the possession of.

Obtain: come into possession of.

Hold On: retain possession of.