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Repugnance meaning in Urdu

Repugnance Sentence

Repugnance can evolve or dissolve over time.

Repugnance Synonyms


Repugnance Definitions

1) Repugnance, Horror, Repulsion, Revulsion : بیزاری : (noun) intense aversion.

Useful Words

Antipathy : نفرت کی چیز , Appal : دھچکا لگنا , Creeps : خوف کا احساس , Atrocious : ہولناک , Horrified : خوف ز دہ , Shock : صدمہ پہنچانا , Ghastly : ڈراوٴنا , Call Out : پکارنا , Afraid : خوف زدہ , Churn Up : اخلاقیات تباہ کرنا , Abraham Stoker : آئرش مصنف , Hideous : خوفناک , Disgustful : سخت ناگوار , Detest : سخت نفرت کرنا , Ease Off : زور کم کرنا , Deepen : بڑھانا , Fiery : شدید , Consuming : انتہائی , Bad : شدید , Exquisite : تیز , Scrutiny : گہری کہوج , Deep : گہرا , Woe : شدید غم , Haggler : سودا بازی کرنے والا , Terrific : شدید , Intensely : شدت سے , Blunt : شدت کم کرنا , Heartburning : شدید جلن , Ardent : انتہائی جذباتی , Burst : بھڑک اٹھنا , Acute : شدید

Useful Words Definitions

Antipathy: the object of a feeling of intense aversion; something to be avoided.

Appal: strike with disgust or revulsion.

Creeps: a feeling of fear and revulsion.

Atrocious: provoking horror.

Horrified: stricken with horror.

Shock: strike with horror or terror.

Ghastly: shockingly repellent; inspiring horror.

Call Out: utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy.

Afraid: having feelings of aversion or unwillingness.

Churn Up: cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of.

Abraham Stoker: Irish writer of the horror novel about Dracula (1847-1912).

Hideous: grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror.

Disgustful: highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust.

Detest: dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards.

Ease Off: become less intense.

Deepen: become more intense.

Fiery: very intense.

Consuming: very intense.

Bad: very intense.

Exquisite: intense or sharp.

Scrutiny: a prolonged intense look.

Deep: strong; intense.

Woe: intense mournfulness.

Haggler: an intense bargainer.

Terrific: very great or intense.

Intensely: in an intense manner.

Blunt: make less intense.

Heartburning: intense resentment.

Ardent: characterized by intense emotion.

Burst: a sudden intense happening.

Acute: extremely sharp or intense.

Related Words

Disgust : نفرت

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