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Resound meaning in Urdu

Resound Sentence

The hall resounded with laughter.

Resound Synonyms


Resound Definitions

1 of 2) Resound, Echo, Reverberate, Ring : گونجنا : (verb) ring or echo with sound.

2 of 2) Resound, Make Noise, Noise : شور مچانا : (verb) emit a noise.

Useful Words

Reecho : گونجنا , Ping : جھنکار , Echoless : بے گونج , Microwave Radar : ریڈار , Heterocycle : جوہری چھلا , Annular : چھلے دار , Annulet : چھلا , Ringlike : انگوٹھی جیسا , Ringlet : انگوٹھی , Heterocycle : جوہری چھلے والا , Seal Ring : ایسی انگوٹھی جس پر چھاپ لگی ہوتی ہے , Knell : موت کی نشانی , Bong : بجنا , 5-Membered : پانچ کیمیاء , 4-Membered : چار کیمیاء , 8-Membered : آٹھ کا مرکب , 3-Membered : تین سے بنا کیمیاء , 7-Membered : سات کا مرکب , 10-Membered : دس سے منسلک کیمیا , Boxing Ring : انعامی کشتی کا اکھاڑہ , Donut : چھوٹا میٹھا کیک , 6-Membered : چھ کیمیائی مرکب , 9-Membered : نو کا مرکب کیمیاء , Screw Eye : حلقہ دار پیچ , Boxing Match : مکے بازی کا مقابلہ , Key Ring : چابیوں کا چھلا , Knell : گھنٹی بجانا , Life Belt : ہوا سے بھری ہوئی ربڑ کی ٹیوب , Wedding Band : شادی کی انگوٹھی , Hitching Post : کھوٹا , Friedcake : ایک قسم کا کیک

Useful Words Definitions

Reecho: repeat or return an echo again or repeatedly; send (an echo) back.

Ping: a sharp high-pitched resonant sound (as of a sonar echo or a bullet striking metal).

Echoless: having or producing no echo.

Microwave Radar: measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects.

Heterocycle: a ring of atoms of more than one kind; especially a ring of carbon atoms containing at least one atom that is not carbon.

Annular: shaped like a ring.

Annulet: a small ring.

Ringlike: having the shape of a ring.

Ringlet: a small ring.

Heterocycle: a compound containing a heterocyclic ring.

Seal Ring: a ring bearing a signet.

Knell: ring as in announcing death.

Bong: ring loudly and deeply.

5-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with five members.

4-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with four members.

8-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with eight members.

3-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with three members.

7-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with seven members.

10-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with ten members.

Boxing Ring: a square ring where boxers fight.

Donut: a small ring-shaped friedcake.

6-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with six members.

9-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with nine members.

Screw Eye: a woodscrew having its shank bent into a ring.

Boxing Match: a match between boxers; usually held in a boxing ring.

Key Ring: a circular ring of metal for holding keys.

Knell: make (bells) ring, often for the purposes of musical edification.

Life Belt: a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material.

Wedding Band: a ring (usually plain gold) given to the bride (and sometimes one is also given to the groom) at the wedding.

Hitching Post: a fixed post with a ring to which a horse can be hitched to prevent it from straying.

Friedcake: small cake in the form of a ring or twist or ball or strip fried in deep fat.

Related Words

Sizzle : تلتے وقت کی آواز , Purl : سائیں سائیں جیسی آواز , Claxon : ہارن بجانا , Hum : بھنبھنانا , Creak : چلا اٹھنا , Racket : شور و غل کرنا , Brattle : ٹکرا کر بجنا

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