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1) Restorer, Preserver, Refinisher, Renovator : لکڑی یا دھات کی سطح ہموار کرنے والا, پھر سے نیا بنا دینے والا, بحال کرنے والا : (noun) a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture.

Useful Words

Draftsman : نقشہ تیار کرنے والا , Perfecter : تکمیل کرنے والا , Maintenance Man : مرمت کرنے والا , Painter : رنگ کرنے والا , Coiner : سکے ڈھالنے والا , Artificer : دست کار , Armorer : ہتھیار بنانے والا شخص , Fixer : مرمت کرنے والا , Spotter : دہوبی , Shearer : بھیڑ کی کھال اتارنے والا , Aesthetician : نکھارنے والا , Aquanaut : غواص , Plater : پترا ساز , Antiquate : قدیم بنا کر پیش کرنا , Life Belt : ہوا سے بھری ہوئی ربڑ کی ٹیوب , Collectable : جمع کرنے کے لائق , Acoustic Gramophone : آواز جانچنے کا کانٹا , Water Wings : پانی کی بھری ہوئی مشکیں جنھیں بازووٴں کے نیچے باندھ کر تیرتے ہیں , Regenerate : طاقت بحال کرنا , Right : بحال کرنا , Redeem : حیثیت بحال کرنا , Renovate : مرمت کرنا , Rehabilitate : بحال کرنا , Alterative : صحت بخش , Recuperate : صحت بحال ہونا , Rehabilitate : ٹھیک ہوجانا , Reassure : حوصلہ بحال کرنا , Reinstate : پرانی حالت پر واپس لے آنا , Resurrect : دوبارہ بحال کرنا , Bushel : ٹھیک کرنا , Corrective : اصلاحی

Useful Words Definitions

Draftsman: a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines.

Perfecter: a skilled worker who perfects something.

Maintenance Man: a skilled worker whose job is to repair things.

Painter: a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint.

Coiner: a skilled worker who coins or stamps money.

Artificer: a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft.

Armorer: a worker skilled in making armor or arms.

Fixer: a skilled worker who mends or repairs things.

Spotter: a worker employed at a dry-cleaning establishment to remove spots.

Shearer: a skilled worker who shears the wool off of sheep or other animals.

Aesthetician: a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc.).

Aquanaut: a skilled worker who can live in underwater installations and participate in scientific research.

Plater: a skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold).

Antiquate: give an antique appearance to.

Life Belt: a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material.

Collectable: things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique).

Acoustic Gramophone: an antique record player; the sound of the vibrating needle is amplified acoustically.

Water Wings: a life preserver consisting of a connected pair of inflatable bags that fit under a person's arms and provide buoyancy; used by children learning to swim.

Regenerate: restore strength.

Right: put in or restore to an upright position.

Redeem: restore the honor or worth of.

Renovate: restore to a previous or better condition.

Rehabilitate: restore to a former condition or state after destruction .

Alterative: tending to cure or restore to health.

Recuperate: restore to good health or strength.

Rehabilitate: Help someone to restore his or her health after addiction or illness..

Reassure: give or restore confidence in; cause to feel sure or certain.

Reinstate: restore to the previous state or rank.

Resurrect: restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state.

Bushel: restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.

Corrective: tending or intended to correct or counteract or restore to a normal condition.

Related Words

Skilled Worker : ماہر کاریگر