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Retick meaning in Urdu

Retick Synonym

Retick Definitions

1) Retick, Tick : سینا : (verb) sew.


Useful Words

Acarine : جواں , Texas Fever : مویشیوں کو لگ جانے والی بیماری , Bos Indicus : بھارتی بیل , Sew : کپڑے تیار کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Acarine: mite or tick.

Texas Fever: an infectious disease of cattle transmitted by the cattle tick.

Bos Indicus: any of several breeds of Indian cattle; especially a large American heat and tick resistant greyish humped breed evolved in the Gulf States by interbreeding Indian cattle and now used chiefly for crossbreeding.

Sew: create (clothes) with cloth.

بے اِیمان