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Rift meaning in Urdu

Rift Sentence

The sun shone through a rift in the clouds.

Rift Synonyms


Rift Definitions

1 of 3) Rift : شگاف, دراڑ : (noun) a gap between cloud masses.

2 of 3) Rift : دراڑ : (noun) a narrow fissure in rock.

3 of 3) Rift, Breach, Break, Falling Out, Rupture, Severance : ناچاقی, علیحدگی, جدائی : (noun) a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions).

Useful Words

Lake Albert : افریقا میں پائی جانے والی جھیل , Kenya : کینیا , Lightning : آسمانی چمک , Raining : بارش , Fall Out : تعلقات خراب ہونا , Break Up : ٹوٹنا , Cumulus : گہرے بادل , Cloudlike : بدل جیسا , Smother : دہوئیں کے بادل , Stratus : پھیلا ھوا بادل , Fume : دھواں , Aerosol : گیس کا بادل , Fume : دھویں کا اخراج , Common : عام لوگوں سے متعلق , Nimbus : برسنے والے بادل , Fog : دھند , Lag : رفتار میں کمی کرنے کا عمل , Nephology : بادلوں کا علم , Avalanche : پہاڑ سے گرتا ہوا تودہ , Mobocracy : ہجومی حکومت , Faucial Tonsil : گلے کی گلٹی , Cumulonimbus : گرجنے والا بادل , Deficient : معیار سے کم , Chilling : سردی , Prop : سہارا دینا , Dizzy : چکر آنا , Heave : اچھلنا , Snow : جما ہوا پانی , Descensus : پھسلنا , Obsolescence : متروک پن , Forelock : پیشانی پر نکلے بال

Useful Words Definitions

Lake Albert: a shallow lake on the border between Uganda and Congo in the Great Rift Valley.

Kenya: a republic in eastern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1963; major archeological discoveries have been made in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

Lightning: abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light.

Raining: falling in drops or as if falling like rain.

Fall Out: have a breach in relations.

Break Up: break or cause to break into pieces.

Cumulus: a globular cloud.

Cloudlike: resembling a cloud.

Smother: a stifling cloud of smoke.

Stratus: a large dark low cloud.

Fume: a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas.

Aerosol: a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas.

Fume: emit a cloud of fine particles.

Common: of or associated with the great masses of people.

Nimbus: a dark grey cloud bearing rain.

Fog: an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance.

Lag: the act of slowing down or falling behind.

Nephology: the branch of meteorology that studies clouds and cloud formation.

Avalanche: a slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain.

Mobocracy: a political system in which a mob is the source of control; government by the masses.

Faucial Tonsil: either of two masses of lymphatic tissue one on each side of the oral pharynx.

Cumulonimbus: a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity; associated with thunderstorms.

Deficient: falling short of some prescribed norm.

Chilling: the process of becoming cooler; a falling temperature.

Prop: a support placed beneath or against something to keep it from shaking or falling.

Dizzy: having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling.

Heave: an upward movement (especially a rhythmical rising and falling).

Snow: precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals.

Descensus: the slipping or falling out of place of an organ (as the uterus).

Obsolescence: the process of becoming obsolete; falling into disuse or becoming out of date.

Forelock: a lock of hair growing (or falling) over the forehead.

Related Words

Cleft : شگاف , Gap : دراڑ