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روک دینا : Rok Dena Meaning in English

Rok Dena Synonyms


Rok Dena in Detail

1 of 3) روک دینا : Freeze Suspend : (verb) stop a process or a habit by imposing a freeze on it.

3 of 3) روک دینا : Defeat Kill Shoot Down Vote Down Vote Out : (verb) thwart the passage of.

Useful Words

پیچھے : Back : at or to or toward the back or rear. "Get back".

گاڑی چلانا : Drive : operate or control a vehicle. "Who taught you to drive?".

زبردستی کرنا : Force : urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate. "The police forced him to take a statement from the boy".

روک جانا : Freeze : stop moving or become immobilized. "When he saw the police car he froze".

عادت : Habit : an established custom. "This girl has a habit of teasing boys on the way and when boys tease her the she complains that they are harassing me".

شان دار : Baronial : impressive in appearance. "It`s an imposing residence".

یہ : It : Used of a nonhuman entity. "It is out of the question".

ٹھیک کرنا : Process : subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition. "Process cheese".

رکنا : Halt : come to a halt, stop moving. "Stop it now".

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