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Role Player meaning in Urdu

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Role Player Definitions

1 of 2) Role Player, Fake, Faker, Fraud, Imposter, Impostor, Pretender, Pseud, Pseudo, Sham, Shammer : دغا باز, بہروپیہ : (noun) a person who makes deceitful pretenses.

2 of 2) Role Player, Actor, Histrion, Player, Thespian : تھیٹر فنکار : (noun) a theatrical performer.

Useful Words

Anonym : جعلی نام , Reenactor : ماضی کے واقعہ کو اداکاری کے ذریعے دوبارہ پیش کرنے والا اداکار , Cheat : دھوکہ دینا , Spin The Bottle : بوتل گھمانے کا ایک کھیل , Boodle : تاش جوئے کا ایک کھیل , Godmother : بچے کی کفالت کی ذمہ داری قبول کرنے والی عورت , Officially : سرکاری , Recast : نئی شکل دینا , Heavy : سنجیدہ رول , Act : کردار ادا کرنا , Underact : زیر کرداری کرنا , Audition : آزمائشی کارکردگی , Function : کردار ادا کرنا , Centrally : بیچوں بیچ , Acting : اداکاری , Movie Actor : فلم میں کردار ادا کرنے والا فنکار , Lead : اہم ترین کردار ادا کرنے والا , Groom : تربیت دینا , Leading Man : بڑا مرکزی مردانہ کردار ادا کرنے والا اداکار , Leading Lady : بڑا مرکزی زنانہ کردار ادا کرنے والی اداکارہ , Second Banana : ثانوی کردار ادا کرنے والا , Reenactment : ماضی کے واقعہ کو اداکاری کے ذریعے دوبارہ پیش کرنے کا عمل , Emote : جذباتی اداکاری کرنا , Prepare : تربیت حاصل کرنا , Lip : لب , Ingenue : کسی ڈرامے میں کوئی لڑکی ایک معصوم لڑکی کا کردار پیش کرے , Agent : فاعل , Active Citizen : متحرک شہری , Locative : گرامر کا اصول , Molecular Biology : سالماتی حیاتیات , Parent : باپ یا ماں

Useful Words Definitions

Anonym: a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role.

Reenactor: a person who enacts a role in an event that occurred earlier.

Cheat: engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud.

Spin The Bottle: a game in which a player spins a bottle and kisses the person that it points to when it stops spinning.

Boodle: a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card.

Godmother: a female person who is chosen to be the guardian or protector of a child, usually during a baptism or a similar ceremony in some cultures. The godmother often plays a special role in the child`s life and may offer guidance, support, and love throughout their upbringing..

Officially: in an official role.

Recast: cast again, in a different role.

Heavy: a serious (or tragic) role in a play.

Act: play a role or part.

Underact: act (a role) with great restraint.

Audition: perform in order to get a role.

Function: serve a purpose, role, or function.

Centrally: in or near or toward a center or according to a central role or function.

Acting: the performance of a part or role in a drama.

Movie Actor: an actor who plays a role in a film.

Lead: an actor who plays a principal role.

Groom: educate for a future role or function.

Leading Man: actor who plays the leading male role.

Leading Lady: actress who plays the leading female role.

Second Banana: someone who serves in a subordinate capacity or plays a secondary role.

Reenactment: performing a role in an event that occurred at an earlier time.

Emote: give expression or emotion to, in a stage or movie role.

Prepare: undergo training or instruction in preparation for a particular role, function, or profession.

Lip: either of two fleshy folds of tissue that surround the mouth and play a role in speaking.

Ingenue: an actress who specializes in playing the role of an artless innocent young girl.

Agent: the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the happening denoted by the verb in the clause.

Active Citizen: a citizen who takes an active role in the community (as in crime prevention and neighborhood watch).

Locative: the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the place of the state or action denoted by the verb.

Molecular Biology: the branch of biology that studies the structure and activity of macromolecules essential to life (and especially with their genetic role).

Parent: a father or mother; one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; a relative who plays the role of guardian.

Related Words

Actress : عورت فنکار , Comedian : مزاحیہ اداکار , Beguiler : دھوکے باز , Mime : خاموش اداکار , Performer : اداکار

Close Words

Role : کردار , Role Model : کوئی شخص جو مثال یا نمونے کے لئے پیش کیا جائے , Roleplay : فلم میں کام کرنا

Close Words Definitions

Role: the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.

Role Model: someone worthy of imitation.

Roleplay: perform on a stage or theater.

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