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Rubber Cement meaning in Urdu

Rubber Cement Definitions

1) Rubber Cement : ربڑ پر مشتمل ایک مائع گوند سلوشن : (noun) an adhesive made by dissolving unvulcanized rubber in a solvent like benzene or naphtha.


Useful Words

Cold Rubber : سخت ربڑ , Glue : گلو , Plimsoll : ایک جوتا جس کا تلا ربڑ کا ہو , Air Cushion : ہوا بھرا تکیہ , Balloon : غبارہ , Cushion : کشن , Neoprene : کیمیا ایک مصنوعی کیمیاوی مرکب , Hockey Puck : برفانی ہاکی کی گوٹی , Bird : شٹل , Rollerblade : پہیے دار جوتے پہن کر پھسلنا , Hot-Water Bag : گرم پانی کا تھیلا , Assam Rubber : ربڑ پودا , Contraceptive Diaphragm : رحم میں داخل کیا جانے والا آلہ , Home : بیس بال کی کریز , Caoutchouc Tree : ایمازونی ربڑ کا درخت , Sponge : اسفنج , Concrete : سیمنٹ لگانا , Cement : جوڑنا , Cementitious : سیمنٹ کی خصوصیات رکھنے والا , Cement : چبوترا , Cement Mixer : کونکریٹ بنانے والی مشین , Aggregate : بجری پتھر وغیرہ , Concrete : سیمنٹ اور پتھر سے مل کر بنے والا مواد , Float : پلاسٹر برابر کرنےکا آلہ , Stucco : پینٹ , Aromatic Hydrocarbon : خوشبودار ہائڈروکاربن , Dissoluble : حل پذیر , Dissolvent : مادوں کو تحلیل کرنے والا , Unsaturated : گھلانے کی طاقت رکھنے والا , Shellac : لاکھ , Gummed Label : چپکنے والی چیز یا پرچی

Useful Words Definitions

Cold Rubber: a rubber made at low temperatures (5 degrees Centigrade) which is tougher than conventional rubber and is often used in car tires.

Glue: cement consisting of a sticky substance that is used as an adhesive.

Plimsoll: a light gym shoe with a rubber sole and a canvas top.

Air Cushion: a cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated.

Balloon: small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck.

Cushion: a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc..

Neoprene: a synthetic rubber that is resistant to oils and aging; used in waterproof products.

Hockey Puck: a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey.

Bird: badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers.

Rollerblade: travel on shoes with a single line of rubber wheels attached to their soles.

Hot-Water Bag: a stoppered receptacle (usually made of rubber) that is to be filled with hot water and used for warming a bed or parts of the body.

Assam Rubber: large tropical Asian tree frequently dwarfed as a houseplant; source of Assam rubber.

Contraceptive Diaphragm: a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible dome-shaped cup made of rubber or plastic; it is filled with spermicide and fitted over the uterine cervix.

Home: (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score.

Caoutchouc Tree: deciduous tree of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers having leathery leaves and fragrant yellow-white flowers; it yields a milky juice that is the chief source of commercial rubber.

Sponge: a porous mass of interlacing fibers that forms the internal skeleton of various marine animals and usable to absorb water or any porous rubber or cellulose product similarly used.

Concrete: cover with cement.

Cement: bind or join with or as if with cement.

Cementitious: like or relevant to or having the properties of cement.

Cement: concrete pavement is sometimes referred to as cement.

Cement Mixer: a machine with a large revolving drum in which cement is mixed with other materials to make concrete.

Aggregate: material such as sand or gravel used with cement and water to make concrete, mortar, or plaster.

Concrete: a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water.

Float: a hand tool with a flat face used for smoothing and finishing the surface of plaster or cement or stucco.

Stucco: a plaster now made mostly from Portland cement and sand and lime; applied while soft to cover exterior walls or surfaces.

Aromatic Hydrocarbon: a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds.

Dissoluble: capable of dissolving.

Dissolvent: a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances.

Unsaturated: not saturated; capable of dissolving more of a substance at a given temperature.

Shellac: a thin varnish made by dissolving lac in ethanol; used to finish wood.

Gummed Label: an adhesive label.

Related Words

Adhesive : چپکانے والی شئے

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