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Rubicon Meaning in Urdu

1. Rubicon - Point Of No Return : حالات کا ایسا موڑ جہاں سے واپسی ناممکن ہو - ناقابل واپسی مرحلہ : (noun) a line that when crossed permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment.

Contrast, Demarcation, Dividing Line, Line - a conceptual separation or distinction.

Useful Words

Commitment - Committedness : ثابت قدمی : the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. "A man of energy and commitment"

Irrevocable - Irrevokable : ناقابل تنسیخ : incapable of being retracted or revoked. "Firm and irrevocable is my doom"

Crease - Crinkle - Furrow - Line - Seam - Wrinkle : سلوٹ : a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface. "His face has many lines"

No : انکار : a negative. "No buddy"

Allow - Countenance - Let - Permit : اجازت دینا : consent to, give permission. "Betel chewing is not allowed"

Final Result - Outcome - Result - Resultant - Termination : نتیجہ : something that results. "A bad deed has a bad result"

Homecoming - Return : واپس آنا : a coming to or returning home. "Have you returned back from marriage?"

Typically : مخصوص طور پر : in a typical manner. "Tom was typically hostile"

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