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رُخ بدلنا : Rukh Badalna Meaning in English

Rukh Badalna Sentences

Rukh Badalna in Detail

1) رخ بدلنا : Turn : (verb) change orientation or direction, also in the abstract sense.


Useful Words

تصور : Abstract : a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance. "They loved her only in the abstract".

مزید : Also : in addition. "You should have also told".

بدلنا : Alter : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. "He found out on a moonlit night that his kurta was bigger than his actual size, so he gave the kurta to the tailor to alter it".

تعین رخ : Orientation : the act of orienting. "Orientation for new students".

سمجھ : Common Sense : sound practical judgment. "Even after being acquitted and released, they are still spying on you, doesn`t make sense".

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