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Safir Ka Mansab : سفیر کا منصبِ

1. Ambassadorship : سفارت - سفیر کا منصب : (noun) the post of ambassador.

Asami : Post : a job in an organization. "He occupied a post in the treasury"

Chuki : Post : military installation at which a body of troops is stationed. "This military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby"

Khat, Daak Kay Zriay ... : Post : the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office. "The mail handles billions of items every day"

Khamba : Post : a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track). "A pair of posts marked the goal"

Safir, Alche : Ambassador : a diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another.

Safir : Ambassador : an informal representative. "An ambassador of good will"

Ishaat Karna : Post : publicize with, or as if with, a poster. "I'll post the news on the bulletin board"

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