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Ambassadorship meaning in Urdu

Ambassadorship Definitions

1) Ambassadorship : سفارت, سفیر کا منصب : (noun) the post of ambassador.


Useful Words

Ambassadress : خاتون سفیر , Envoy : قاصد , Embassy : سفارتی وفد , Diplomatic Minister : سفیر , Post : تعینات کرنا , Consulship : سفارت , Captaincy : کپتانی , Assigned : مقًرر کردہ , Stanchion : کھمبا , Placard : اشتہار نامہ , Give Up : استعفی دینا , Postmaster : کسی ڈاکخانہ کا افسر , Queen Post : بیل پایہ , Fort : فوجی چھاوٴنی , Mailing-Card : ڈاک کا خط یا کارڈ , Mail : ڈاک کے زریعے پیغام بھیجنا , Defector : غدار , Call Box : خط ڈبہ , Box Number : لیٹر بکس نمبر , Lieu : مقام , Sorter : چھانٹیا , Milepost : سنگ میل , Newel : ایک مرکزی ستون؛ متکی؛ ستون زینہ , Autopsy : پوسٹ مارٹم , Cross : صلیب , Post Horse : ڈاک تقسیم کرنے والا گہوڑا , Stake : کھمبا , Hitching Post : کھوٹا , Registered Mail : رجسٹرڈ ڈاک جس کی ضمانت دی جاتی ہے , Stake : کہونٹا , Money Order : منی آرڈر

Useful Words Definitions

Ambassadress: a woman ambassador.

Envoy: a diplomat having less authority than an ambassador.

Embassy: an ambassador and his entourage collectively.

Diplomatic Minister: a diplomat representing one government to another; ranks below ambassador.

Post: assign to a post; put into a post.

Consulship: the post of consul.

Captaincy: the post of captain.

Assigned: appointed to a post or duty.

Stanchion: any vertical post or rod used as a support.

Placard: post in a public place.

Give Up: leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily.

Postmaster: the person in charge of a post office.

Queen Post: vertical tie post in a roof truss.

Fort: a fortified military post where troops are stationed.

Mailing-Card: a card for sending messages by post without an envelope.

Mail: the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office.

Defector: a person who abandons their duty (as on a military post).

Call Box: a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for.

Box Number: the number of a letter box at the post office where mail is collected.

Lieu: the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another.

Sorter: a clerk who sorts things (as letters at the post office).

Milepost: stone post at side of a road to show distances.

Newel: the post at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs; it supports the handrail.

Autopsy: perform an autopsy on a dead body; do a post-mortem.

Cross: a wooden structure consisting of an upright post with a transverse piece.

Post Horse: a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by mail carriers or for rent to travelers.

Stake: a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end so it can be driven into the ground.

Hitching Post: a fixed post with a ring to which a horse can be hitched to prevent it from straying.

Registered Mail: mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery.

Stake: instrument of execution consisting of a vertical post that a victim is tied to for burning.

Money Order: a written order for the payment of a sum to a named individual; obtainable and payable at a post office.

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