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1 of 3) Sagging, Droop, Sag : جھول, جھکا ہوا : (noun) a shape that sags.


2 of 3) Sagging, Droop, Flag, Sag, Swag : خم دار, دبا ہوا : (verb) droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness.

3 of 3) Sagging, Drooping, Droopy : گرا ہوا, جھکا ہوا : (satellite adjective) hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness).

Related : Lax : lacking in strength or firmness or resilience.

Useful Words

Tricolor, Tricolour : ترنگا جھنڈا : a flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag).

Dipped, Lordotic, Swayback, Swaybacked : ریڑھ کی ہڈی سے متعلق : having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses).

Action Plant, Humble Plant, Live-And-Die, Mimosa Pudica, Sensitive Plant, Shame Plant, Touch-Me-Not : منھ کے بل جھکا ہوا پودا : prostrate or semi-erect subshrub of tropical America, and Australia; heavily armed with recurved thorns and having sensitive soft grey-green leaflets that fold and droop at night or when touched or cooled. "Mimosa pudica is good for edema, depression and muscle pain".

Crescent : ہلال : any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters. "Crescent moon".

Flag : نشان لگانا : provide with a flag. "Flag this file so that I can recognize it immediately".

Pennant, Pennon, Streamer, Waft : جھنڈا : a long flag; often tapering.

Colors, Colours : جھنڈا : a flag that shows its nationality.

Union Flag, Union Jack : برطانیہ کا قومی جھنڈا : national flag of the United Kingdom.

Confederate Flag, Stars And Bars : امریکی وفاقی متحدہ ریاستوں کا عام جھنڈا : the first flag of the Confederate States of America.

Red Flag : خطرے کا جھنڈا : a flag that serves as a warning signal. "We didn`t swim at the beach because the red flag was up".

Pennant : جھنڈی : a flag longer than it is wide (and often tapering).

American Flag, Old Glory, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars And Stripes : امریکا کا پرچم : the national flag of the United States of America. "The national flag of the United States also known as old glory".

Halliard, Halyard : بادبانوں کو اتارنے چڑھانے والی رسی : a rope for raising or lowering a sail or flag.

Oriflamme : سرخ پرچم : a red or orange-red flag used as a standard by early French kings.

Fanion : فوجی جھنڈا : a small flag used by surveyors or soldiers to mark a position.

Wigwag : خفیہ نظام اشارات کے تحت اشارہ دینا : send a signal by waving a flag or a light according to a certain code.

Flag Of Truce, White Flag : سفید پرچم جو جنگ بندی کی علامت ہوتی ہے : flag consisting of a piece of white cloth that is hoisted to signal surrender or to ask for a truce.

Black Flag, Blackjack, Jolly Roger, Pirate Flag : سیاہ پرچم : a flag usually bearing a white skull and crossbones on a black background; indicates a pirate ship.

Die, Die Out : سانچے سے ڈھالنا : cut or shape with a die. "Die out leather for belts".

Shaped : صورت نما : having the shape of. "A square shaped playing field".

Coiling, Helical, Spiral, Spiraling, Turbinate, Volute, Voluted, Whorled : لپٹا ہوا : in the shape of a coil.

Auriform, Ear-Like, Ear-Shaped : کان نما : having a shape resembling an ear. "Ear-like cup".

Unformed : بے شکل : not having form or shape. "Unformed clay".

Fanned, Spread-Out : پھیلا : especially spread in a fan shape. "The peacock`s fanned tail".

Anchor Ring, Annulus, Doughnut, Halo, Ring : گول سی شکل : a toroidal shape. "A ring of ships in the harbor".

Ringlike : انگوٹھی جیسا : having the shape of a ring.

Hex Nut : ۵ کنارے والا نٹ : a nut with a hexagonal shape. "Five dozen hex nuts would be sufficient".

Arc, Bow : خم دار چیز : something curved in shape.

Circular, Round : دائرہ نما : having a circular shape.

Cup : چلو بنانا : form into the shape of a cup. "She cupped her hands".

Rotund : گول شکل کا : spherical in shape.

Sagging in Book Titles

From Sagging to Success: The Story of Emery FranklinSwag: Southern Women Aging Gracefully.

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