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ساحل : Sahil Meaning in English


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1/4) Bank : Sahil ساحل Kinara کنارہ : (noun) sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water).

Related : Riverside : the bank of a river.


2/4) Coast Sea-Coast Seacoast Seashore : Sahil ساحل Sahil E Samandar ساحل سمندر : (noun) the shore of a sea or ocean.

Related : Sands : the region of the shore of a lake or sea or ocean.

3/4) Shore : Sahil ساحل : (noun) the land along the edge of a body of water.

Related : Beach : an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake.

4/4) Strand : Sahil ساحل : (noun) a poetic term for a shore (as the area periodically covered and uncovered by the tides).

Related : Shore : the land along the edge of a body of water.

Useful Words

Tikoun Se Bana ... : Shore : a beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support.

Pewastgi : Body : the property of holding together and retaining its shape. "Wool has more body than rayon"

Dahlwan Dahlan Ka Darja : Slope : the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal. "A five-degree gradient"

Badan Jisim : Body : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire"

Laash : Body : a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person. "They found the body in the lake"

Dhar : Body : the body excluding the head and neck and limbs. "He was shot in the torso and died the next day from his injuries"

Pani : Water : a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. "May I bring water for you ?"