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سخت مشکلات میں گہرا ہوا : Sakhat Muskilaat Mein Gehra Huwa Meaning in English

Sakhat Muskilaat Mein Gehra Huwa Sentence

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Sakhat Muskilaat Mein Gehra Huwa in Detail

1) سخت مشکلات میں گہرا ہوا : Pass Strait Straits : (noun) a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs.

Related : Situation : a complex or critical or unusual difficulty.

Useful Words

مشکل صورتحال : Hot Potato : a difficult situation. "He dropped the topic like a hot potato".

مشکل وقت میں مدد کرنا : Succor, Succour : help in a difficult situation.

پیچیدہ صورت حال : Rattrap : a difficult entangling situation.

پیچیدہ صورت حال : Wall : a difficult or awkward situation. "His back was to the wall".

سوجھ بوجھ : Resourcefulness : the quality of being able to cope with a difficult situation. "A man of great resourcefulness".

مشکل حالات کا کوئی تسلی بخش پہلو : Bright Side, Silver Lining : a consoling aspect of a difficult situation. "Every cloud has a silver lining".

گت : Plight, Predicament, Quandary : a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one. "Finds himself in a most awkward predicament".

مصیبت : Fix, Hole, Jam, Kettle Of Fish, Mess, Muddle, Pickle : informal terms for a difficult situation. "What a mess".

خلوت : Solitude : the state or situation of being alone.

لازم و ملزوم : Accompaniment, Attendant, Co-Occurrence, Concomitant : an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another. "Co-occurrence was not planned".

مطمئن : Content, Contentedness : the state of being contented with your situation in life. "He relaxed in sleepy contentedness".

ہوش : Consciousness : an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation. "He lost consciousness".

ابھی تک : As Yet, Heretofore, Hitherto, So Far, Thus Far, Til Now, Until Now, Up To Now, Yet : used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time. "He would have come until now".

بحران : Crunch : a critical situation that arises because of a shortage (as a shortage of time or money or resources). "An end-of-the year crunch".

جوتے : Place, Shoes : a particular situation. "If you were in my place what would you do?".

مددگار ہونا : Help Out : be of help, as in a particular situation of need. "Can you help out tonight with the dinner guests?".

مشکل میں : Soup : an unfortunate situation. "We're in the soup now".

مصیبت : How-D'ye-Do, How-Do-You-Do : an awkward situation. "That`s a fine how-d`ye-do".

ادھر ادھر : From Pillar To Post, Hither And Thither : from one place or situation to another. "We were driven from pillar to post".

جہاں : Where : In or to a place or situation in which. "Sit where I can see you".

جہنم کا عذاب : Damnation, Eternal Damnation : the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell. "May Allah save us from eternal damnation".

ماحول سے آگاہی پیدا کرنے والی تدریس : Orientation, Orientation Course : a course introducing a new situation or environment.

آسان : Bed Of Roses, Rose Bed : an easy or pleasant situation. "School would be bed of roses without tests and homework".

غلطی : Fault : responsibility for a bad situation or event. "It was John`s fault".

موضوع : Issue, Matter, Subject, Topic : some situation or event that is thought about. "He kept drifting off the topic".

اطمینان : Contentment : happiness with one's situation in life.

بھگوڑا : Fleer, Fugitive, Runaway : someone who flees from an uncongenial situation. "He is a fugitive from the country".

خراب حالات : Clutch : a tense critical situation. "He is a good man in the clutch".

سسکیوں سے رونا : Sob : weep convulsively in sad situation. "She sobbed".

اہل ہونا : Hold One's Own : be sufficiently competent in a certain situation. "He can hold his own in graduate school".

چھٹکارا : Salvation : saving someone or something from harm or from an unpleasant situation. "The salvation of his party was the president's major concern".

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