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Strait meaning in Urdu

Strait Sentences

A narrow strait to the island near Karachi.
Strait is the gate.

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Strait Definitions

1 of 3) Strait, Sound : پانی کی ایک پتلی سی گزر گاہ : (noun) a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water.

2 of 3) Strait : پتلی سی : (satellite adjective) narrow.

3 of 3) Strait, Pass, Straits : سخت مشکلات میں گہرا ہوا : (noun) a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs.

Useful Words

Channel : خلیج , Gurgle : غرغرانے کی آواز , Isthmus : خشکی کا وہ حصہ جس کے دونوں طرف پانی ہو اور خشکی کے دو بڑے حصوں کو ملائے , Passage : نالی , Ostiole : سوراخ , Defile : پہاڑوں کے درمیان جگہ , Spill : ڈیم , Millrace : پن دھارا , Watercourse : چشمہ , Strainer : چھاننے والا , Butterfly Fish : رنگین مچھلی , Watertight : جس میں پانی نہ داخل ہوسکتا ہو , Inlet : جزیروں کے درمیان گزرگاہ , River : دریا , Limnology : علم غدیریات , Conduit : پائپ , Delta : دوشاخہ , Canal : نہر , Ravine : گھاٹی , Swash : پانی کی آواز , Channelise : ہموار کرنا , Lagoon : جھیل نما , Transit : عبور کرنا , Bottle : بوتل , Hogback : پہاڑ کی لمبی چوٹی , Coming Together : ملاپ , Association : رفاقت , Annexation : الحاق , Sewing : سلائی , Adjunction : شمولیت کا عمل , Adjunctive : پیوستگی

Useful Words Definitions

Channel: a deep and relatively narrow body of water (as in a river or a harbor or a strait linking two larger bodies) that allows the best passage for vessels.

Gurgle: the bubbling sound of water flowing from a bottle with a narrow neck.

Isthmus: a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land areas.

Passage: a path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass.

Ostiole: a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass.

Defile: a narrow pass (especially one between mountains).

Spill: a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction.

Millrace: a channel for the water current that turns a millwheel.

Watercourse: natural or artificial channel through which water flows.

Strainer: a filter to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces and liquids pass through.

Butterfly Fish: small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins; found worldwide.

Watertight: not allowing water to pass in or out.

Inlet: an arm off of a larger body of water (often between rocky headlands).

River: a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek).

Limnology: the scientific study of bodies of fresh water for their biological and physical and geological properties.

Conduit: a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass.

Delta: a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water.

Canal: long and narrow strip of water made for boats or for irrigation.

Ravine: a deep narrow steep-sided valley (especially one formed by running water).

Swash: the movement or sound of water.

Channelise: make a channel for; provide with a channel.

Lagoon: a body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef of sand or coral.

Transit: pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place).

Bottle: a plastic vessel used for storing water or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped.

Hogback: a long narrow ridge of hills with a narrow crest and steep slopes.

Coming Together: the act of joining together as one.

Association: the act of consorting with or joining with others.

Annexation: incorporation by joining or uniting.

Sewing: joining or attaching by stitches.

Adjunction: an act of joining or adjoining things.

Adjunctive: joining; forming an adjunct.

Related Words

Situation : مشکل , Narrow : جو چوڑا نہ ہو