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سَنگِ قبر : Sang E Qabar Meaning in English

Sang E Qabar in Sentence

He stood around a headstone.

Sang E Qabar in Detail

1) سنگ قبر : Gravestone Headstone Tombstone : (noun) a stone that is used to mark a grave.


Useful Words

گنگنم اسٹائل : Gangnam Style , واول کی تبدیلی : Ablaut , چھوٹی کلہاڑی : Hand Ax , پیلدوج : Hopscotch , کوٹنے والا اوزار : Muller , مدفون : Buried , مزار : Burial Chamber , افسردہ : Melancholy , دفن کرنا : Bury , سنجیدگی سے : Solemnly , تحمل سے : Gravely , تدفین : Burial , تدفینی : Funereal , تدفین : Committal Service , مثانے کی پتھری : Urolith , پتھر بن جانا : Lapidify , پتھر یا چٹان پر اگنے والا : Epilithic , پتھر کے اوزار جو پتھر کے زمانے کے لوگ استعمال کرتے تھے : Neolith , آتش دان کے پتھر : Hearthstone , سنگ تراش : Cutter , مہراب : Dripstone , منڈیر : Capstone , مستری : Mason , سلائیوری نالی میں پتھری : Salivary Calculus , پتھری نکالنے کا آپریشن : Lithotomy , تام چینی کے برتن : Graniteware , سڑک بنانے میں استعمال ہونے والے پھتر : Macadam , سخت اور چھوٹے پتھر : Clinker , چیری : Cherry , تفریق کرنا : Differentiate , پتھر یا لکڑی تراش کر شکل دینا : Grave

Useful Words Definitions

Gangnam Style: Very famed South Korean pop song, sung by Park Jae-sang who`s stage name is PSY.

Ablaut: a vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song).

Hand Ax: a stone tool with a cutting edge; the stone is held in the hand and used for chopping.

Hopscotch: a game in which a child tosses a stone into an area drawn on the ground and then hops through it and back to regain the stone.

Muller: a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone.

Buried: placed in a grave.

Burial Chamber: a chamber that is used as a grave.

Melancholy: grave or even gloomy in character.

Bury: place in a grave or tomb.

Solemnly: in a grave and sedate manner.

Gravely: in a grave and sober manner.

Burial: the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave.

Funereal: suited to or suggestive of a grave or burial.

Committal Service: service committing a body to the grave.

Urolith: a urinary stone.

Lapidify: change into stone.

Epilithic: growing on stone.

Neolith: a stone tool from the Neolithic Age.

Hearthstone: a stone that forms a hearth.

Cutter: someone who cuts or carves stone.

Dripstone: a protective drip that is made of stone.

Capstone: a stone that forms the top of wall or building.

Mason: a craftsman who works with stone or brick.

Salivary Calculus: a stone formed in the salivary gland.

Lithotomy: surgical removal of a stone (calculus).

Graniteware: a kind of stone-grey enamelware.

Macadam: broken stone used in macadamized roadways.

Clinker: a hard brick used as a paving stone.

Cherry: a red fruit with a single hard stone.

Differentiate: mark as different.

Grave: shape (a material like stone or wood) by whittling away at it.

Related Words

مقبرہ : Grave , یاد گاری عمارت یا مجسمہ وغیرہ : Memorial

Close Words

چھرا : Bayonet , سنگ دل : Hardhearted , سنگین : Dangerous , سنگ چھپائی سے متعلق : Lithographic , وحشی : Ferocious , کٹہور : Implacable , سنگین تر کرنے والی : Aggravating , شفاف شیشہ : Crystal , سنگ میل : Landmark , سنگم : Confluence , سنگت : Companionship

Close Words Definitions

Bayonet: a knife that can be fixed to the end of a rifle and used as a weapon.

Hardhearted: lacking in feeling or pity or warmth.

Dangerous: causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm.

Lithographic: of or produced by or involved in lithography.

Ferocious: marked by extreme and violent energy.

Implacable: incapable of being placated.

Aggravating: making worse.

Crystal: colorless glass made of almost pure silica.

Landmark: an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend.

Confluence: a place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers).

Companionship: the state of being with someone.

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