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سانس کی نالی : Sans Ki Nali Meaning in English

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1) Trachea : سانس کی نالی : (noun) membranous tube with cartilaginous rings that conveys inhaled air from the larynx to the bronchi.

English Synonym(s) : Windpipe

Urdu Synonym(s) : ہوا کی نالی

Related : Neck : the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body.

Useful Words

ہوائی سفر کرنا : Air, Air Travel, Aviation : travel via aircraft. "Women should avoid air travel in pregnancy"

چھلا : Hoop, Ring : a rigid circular band of metal or wood or other material used for holding or fastening or hanging or pulling. "There was still a rusty iron hoop for tying a horse"

زمین دوز برقی ریل : Metro, Subway, Subway System, Tube, Underground : an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city). "In Paris the subway system is called the `metro` and in London it is called the `tube` or the `underground`"

چھلا : Band, Ring : jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger. "The ring got stuck"

نالی : Tube, Tubing : conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases.

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