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1 of 2) Spoiled, Spoilt : لاڈپیار سے بگڑا ہوا : (satellite adjective) having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention.

A spoiled child.

2 of 2) Spoiled, Bad, Spoilt : سڑا ہوا : (satellite adjective) (of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition.

Useful Words

Damaged : ٹوٹا ہوا , Spoilage : خراب کی ھوئی چیز , Botched : خراب , Brackish : بد ذائقہ , Flyblown : جس میں کیڑے پڑ گئے ہوں , Graphology : علم نگارشات , Injured : زخمی , Unmolested : جسے چھیڑا نہ گیا ہو , Typewriter : ٹائپ کرنے کی مشین , Characterization : کردار ادا کرنا , Aloneness : تنہائی , Congeniality : موافقت , Meanie : کمینا , Crabbedness : چڑچڑا پن , Mordacity : تلخی , Churlish : خود غرض , Benevolence : کریم النفسی , Aptness : رجحان , Risibility : ہنسنے کی عادت , Larcenous : چوری سے متعلق , Amity : افہام و تفہیم , Good Nature : نیک مزاجی , Mercifulness : رحم دلی , Complaisance : فرماں برداری , Aggressiveness : مخاصمت , Agreeability : رضامندی , Benign : شفیق , Bloodiness : خون خواری , Contrariness : خبط , Cantankerous : بد مزاج , Aggression : جارحیت

Useful Words Definitions

Damaged: harmed or injured or spoiled.

Spoilage: the amount that has spoiled.

Botched: spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness.

Brackish: distasteful and unpleasant; spoiled by mixture.

Flyblown: spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies.

Graphology: the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition).

Injured: harmed.

Unmolested: not interfered with, disturbed, or harmed.

Typewriter: hand-operated character printer for printing written messages one character at a time.

Characterization: acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture.

Aloneness: a disposition toward being alone.

Congeniality: a congenial disposition.

Meanie: a person of mean disposition.

Crabbedness: a disposition to be ill-tempered.

Mordacity: a disposition to biting.

Churlish: having a bad disposition; surly.

Benevolence: disposition to do good.

Aptness: a disposition to behave in a certain way.

Risibility: a disposition to laugh.

Larcenous: having a disposition to steal.

Amity: a cordial disposition.

Good Nature: a cheerful, obliging disposition.

Mercifulness: a disposition to be kind and forgiving.

Complaisance: a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others.

Aggressiveness: a natural disposition to be hostile.

Agreeability: a temperamental disposition to be agreeable.

Benign: kindness of disposition or manner.

Bloodiness: a disposition to shed blood.

Contrariness: a fussy and eccentric disposition.

Cantankerous: having a difficult and contrary disposition.

Aggression: a disposition to behave aggressively.

Related Words

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