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1 of 2) Seem, Appear, Look : لگنا : (verb) give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect.

You`ve brought me for a walk on such a dirty beach. It seems pile of rubbish.
How does she seem to you?+ More

2 of 2) Seem : نظر آنا : (verb) appear to exist.

There seems no reason to go ahead with the project now.

Useful Words

Appearance : حلیا , Juggle : جسمانی کرتب دکھانے کا عمل , Side : پہلو , List : فہرست بنانا , At First Blush : پہلی دفعہ میں , Hunch : اندیشہ , Acquire : اختیار کر لینا , Ape : نقل کرنا , Sector : شعبہ , Display : مظاہرہ , Prepossessing : دلکش , Bright Side : مشکل حالات کا کوئی تسلی بخش پہلو , Read : تعبیر کرنا , Dent : نشان , Embossment : نقش , Impressive : موٴثر , Affect : اثر , Austere : سخت , Affected : غیر طبعی , Reminiscence : یادوں کو تازہ کرنے کا عمل , Hoof Mark : جانور کا کھر کا نشان , Bug Out : باہر نکل آنا , Bellied : سوجن , Effect : تاثر , Bush Out : نکلنا , Diffuse : منتشر ہونا , Outwardly : ظاہری طور پر , External : بیرونی , Deity : خدا , Seal : مہر , Metamorphose : ماہئیت بدلنا

Useful Words Definitions

Appearance: outward or visible aspect of a person or thing.

Juggle: the act of rearranging things to give a misleading impression.

Side: an aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect).

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

At First Blush: as a first impression.

Hunch: an impression that something might be the case.

Acquire: take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect.

Ape: imitate uncritically and in every aspect.

Sector: a particular aspect of life or activity.

Display: something intended to communicate a particular impression.

Prepossessing: creating a favorable impression.

Bright Side: a consoling aspect of a difficult situation.

Read: interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression.

Dent: an impression in a surface (as made by a blow).

Embossment: an impression produced by pressure or printing.

Impressive: making a strong or vivid impression.

Affect: the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion.

Austere: of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect.

Affected: speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression.

Reminiscence: a mental impression retained and recalled from the past.

Hoof Mark: a visible impression on a surface made by the hoof of an animal.

Bug Out: bulge outward.

Bellied: curving outward.

Effect: an outward appearance.

Bush Out: grow outward.

Diffuse: move outward.

Outwardly: in outward appearance.

External: outward features.

Deity: any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.

Seal: a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents.

Metamorphose: change in outward structure or looks.

Related Words

Sound : لگنا , Gleam : چمکدار , Be : ہے

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