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1 of 6) Send, Direct : بھیجنا : (verb) cause to go somewhere.

Related : Throw : put or send forth. Move : cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense. Redirect : channel into a new direction.


2 of 6) Send, Send Out : بھجوانا, تقسیم کرنے کے لیے ارسال کرنا : (verb) to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place.

Related : Transport : send from one person or place to another. Send In : mail in; cause to be delivered. Mail : send via the postal service.

3 of 6) Send, Mail, Post : بھیجنا : (verb) cause to be directed or transmitted to another place.

Send me your latest results.

4 of 6) Send, Get Off, Send Off : منتقل کرنا : (verb) transfer.

5 of 6) Send, Charge, Commit, Institutionalise, Institutionalize : داخل کروانا : (verb) cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution.

Related : Hospitalize : admit into a hospital.

6 of 6) Send, Air, Beam, Broadcast, Transmit : نشر کرنا, ترسیل کرنا : (verb) broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television.

Related : Publicize : make public. Sportscast : broadcast a sports event. Televise : broadcast via television.

Useful Words

Dismiss, Drop, Send Away, Send Packing : تعلق ختم کرنا : stop associating with. "They dropped her after she had a child out of wedlock".

Rusticate, Send Down : یونیورسٹی چھوڑ جانے پر مجبور کر دینا : suspend temporarily from college or university, in England. "He rusticated from college".

Call, Send For : بلانا : order, request, or command to come. "She was called into the director's office".

Send In : روانہ کرنا : mail in; cause to be delivered. "Send in your comments".

Project, Send Off : پھینکنا : throw, send, or cast forward. "Project a missile".

Advise, Apprise, Apprize, Give Notice, Notify, Send Word : اطلاع دینا : inform (somebody) of something. "Kindly apprise me before going to Karachi".

Bon Voyage, Send-Off : سفر کے لیے دعائیہ کلمات : an organized expression of goodwill at the start of a trip or new venture. "Bon voyage on google".

Cast, Contrive, Project, Throw : پھینکنا : put or send forth. "She threw the flashlight beam into the corner".

Greet : مبارکباد دینا : send greetings to someone. "I was greeted".

Message : پیغام بھیجنا : send a message to. "She messaged the committee".

Consign : بھیجنا : send to an address.

Rusticate : دیہات میں بھیجنا : send to the country. "He was rusticated for his bad behavior".

Channel, Channelise, Channelize, Transfer, Transmit, Transport : بھیجنا : send from one person or place to another. "Transmit a message".

Get Off, Mail : خط بھیجنا : send via the postal service. "I`ll mail you the check tomorrow".

Semaphore : اشارہ رسانی : send signals by or as if by semaphore.

Radiate : اشعاعی اخراج کرنا : send out rays or waves. "The sun radiates heat".

Remit : ادائیگی کرنا : send (money) in payment. "Remit $25".

Facsimile, Fax, Telefax : فیکس پہنچانا : send something via a facsimile machine. "Can you fax me the report right away?".

Route : بھیجنا : send documents or materials to appropriate destinations.

Bounce : مسترد کر کے واپس کرنا : refuse to accept and send back. "Bounce a check".

Repatriate : واپس لوٹا دینا : send someone back to his homeland against his will, as of refugees.

Branch, Ramify : شاخہ بندی کرنا : grow and send out branches or branch-like structures. "These plants ramify early and get to be very large".

Accredit : سند دے کر بھیجنا : provide or send (envoys or embassadors) with official credentials.

Wigwag : خفیہ نظام اشارات کے تحت اشارہ دینا : send a signal by waving a flag or a light according to a certain code.

Emit, Give Off, Give Out : خارج کرنا : give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc.. "The layer of ozone halt some harmful rays which the sun emits".

Borstal : کم سن بچوں کا دارالاصلاح : formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison.

Firework, Pyrotechnic : آتش بازی : (usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames; can be used to illuminate areas or send signals etc.. "I was doing fireworks on new year".

Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Paraclete : روح القدس : the third person in the Trinity; Jesus promised the Apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his Crucifixion and Resurrection; it came on Pentecost.

Reecho : گونجنا : repeat or return an echo again or repeatedly; send (an echo) back.

Winkle, Winkle Out : نکال دینا : remove or displace from a position.

Disown, Renounce, Repudiate : چھوڑ دینا : cast off. "She renounced her husband".

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