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Greet : مبارکباد دینا , Cast : پھینکنا , Rusticate : دیہات میں بھیجنا , Consign : بھیجنا , Message : پیغام بھیجنا , Channel : بھیجنا , Facsimile : فیکس پہنچانا , Get Off : خط بھیجنا , Remit : ادائیگی کرنا , Semaphore : اشارہ رسانی , Radiate : اشعاعی اخراج کرنا , Project : پھینکنا , Route : بھیجنا , Repatriate : واپس لوٹا دینا , Bounce : مسترد کر کے واپس کرنا , Branch : شاخہ بندی کرنا , Wigwag : خفیہ نظام اشارات کے تحت اشارہ دینا , Accredit : سند دے کر بھیجنا , Emit : خارج کرنا , Borstal : کم سن بچوں کا دارالاصلاح , Firework : آتش بازی , Holy Ghost : روح القدس , Reecho : گونجنا , Dash : نشان ربط , Acquaint : آگاہ کرنا , Tip : افشا کرنا , Advisory Board : مشاورتی کمیٹی , Assure : یقین دلانا , Cardinal : کیتھولک عیسائیوں کا اعلی پادری , Holonym : ملتا جلتا لفظ , Antonym : لفظ جو دوسرے لفظ کی ضد ہو

Useful Words Definitions

Greet: send greetings to someone.

Cast: put or send forth.

Rusticate: send to the country.

Consign: send to an address.

Message: send a message to.

Channel: send from one person or place to another.

Facsimile: send something via a facsimile machine.

Get Off: send via the postal service.

Remit: send (money) in payment.

Semaphore: send signals by or as if by semaphore.

Radiate: send out rays or waves.

Project: throw, send, or cast forward.

Route: send documents or materials to appropriate destinations.

Repatriate: send someone back to his homeland against his will, as of refugees.

Bounce: refuse to accept and send back.

Branch: grow and send out branches or branch-like structures.

Wigwag: send a signal by waving a flag or a light according to a certain code.

Accredit: provide or send (envoys or embassadors) with official credentials.

Emit: give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc..

Borstal: formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison.

Firework: (usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames; can be used to illuminate areas or send signals etc..

Holy Ghost: the third person in the Trinity; Jesus promised the Apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his Crucifixion and Resurrection; it came on Pentecost.

Reecho: repeat or return an echo again or repeatedly; send (an echo) back.

Dash: a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text.

Acquaint: inform.

Tip: give insider information or advise to.

Advisory Board: a board appointed to advise the chief administrator.

Assure: inform positively and with certainty and confidence.

Cardinal: (Roman Catholic Church) one of a group of more than 100 prominent bishops in the Sacred College who advise the Pope and elect new Popes.

Holonym: a word that names the whole of which a given word is a part.

Antonym: a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other.

Related Words

Inform : اطلاع دینا

Close Words

Send : بھیجنا , Send Away : تعلق ختم کرنا , Send Down : یونیورسٹی چھوڑ جانے پر مجبور کر دینا , Send For : بلانا , Send In : روانہ کرنا , Send-Off : سفر کے لیے دعائیہ کلمات , Sendee : پیغام وصول کرنے والا , Sender : بھیجنے والا , Sendup : مزاحیہ نقل

Close Words Definitions

Send: cause to go somewhere.

Send Away: stop associating with.

Send Down: suspend temporarily from college or university, in England.

Send For: order, request, or command to come.

Send In: mail in; cause to be delivered.

Send-Off: an organized expression of goodwill at the start of a trip or new venture.

Sendee: the intended recipient of a message.

Sender: someone who transmits a message.

Sendup: a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody`s style, usually in a humorous way.

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