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1 of 6) Serve, Assist, Attend, Attend To, Wait On : خدمت کرنا : (verb) work for or be a servant to.

May I serve you?
The minister served the King for many years.

2 of 6) Serve, Function : کردار ادا کرنا : (verb) serve a purpose, role, or function.

The tree stump serves as a table.
The female students served as a control group.+ More

3 of 6) Serve : فرائض نبھانا : (verb) do duty or hold offices; serve in a specific function.

He served as head of the department for three years.
She served in Congress for two terms.

4 of 6) Serve : مدد دینا : (verb) contribute or conduce to.

The scandal served to increase his popularity.

5 of 6) Serve, Dish, Dish Out, Dish Up, Serve Up : پیش کرنا : (verb) provide (usually but not necessarily food).

We serve meals for the homeless.
The entertainers served up a lively show.

6 of 6) Serve, Do : وقت گزارنا جیل وغیرہ میں, قید کاٹنا : (verb) spend time in prison or in a labor camp.

Useful Words

Holy Day Of Obligation : عیسائیوں کا مذہبی دن , Hooky : اسکول سے غیر حاضر , Miss : چھوڑ دینا , Cite : طلب کرنا , Stag : بغیر عورت ساتھی کے رقص کی محفل میں شرکت کرنا , Congregation : اجتماع , Commutation Ticket : رعایتی ٹکٹ , Ace : چت کرنا , Inspire : آمادہ کرنا , Carry : ظاہر کرنا , Cafeteria : ریستوران جس میں بیرا نہیں ہوتا , Illuminant : روشن کرنے والا , Admit : داخلہ دینا , Consume : استعمال کرنا , Ace : شارٹ جو حریف واپس نہ کر سکے , Bondmaid : کنیز , Cultism : پرجوش عبادت , Mentor : استاد , Juror : عدالت میں کام کرنے والا , Apparatus : کسی مقصد کو پورا کرنے کے لیے بنائی گئی مشین , Server : ویٹر , Hospital Ship : بحری ہسپتال , Co : اخلاقی عذر , Fault : ٹینس کھیل کا ایک اصول , Dysfunctional : ناکارہ , Batman : برطانوی فوجی افسر کا خادم , Press Gang : بحری بھرتی کرنے والی جماعت , Cupbearer : ساقی , Feudal System : جاگیرداری نظام , Spoon : چمچہ , Feast Of Sacrifice : عيد الاضحی

Useful Words Definitions

Holy Day Of Obligation: a day when Catholics must attend Mass and refrain from servile work, and Episcopalians must take Communion.

Hooky: failure to attend (especially school).

Miss: fail to attend an event or activity.

Cite: call in an official matter, such as to attend court.

Stag: attend a dance or a party without a female companion.

Congregation: a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church.

Commutation Ticket: a ticket good for several trips or to attend a season of entertainments; sold at a reduced rate.

Ace: serve an ace against (someone).

Inspire: serve as the inciting cause of.

Carry: serve as a means for expressing something.

Cafeteria: a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier.

Illuminant: something that can serve as a source of light.

Admit: serve as a means of entrance.

Consume: serve oneself to, or consume regularly.

Ace: a serve that the receiver is unable to reach.

Bondmaid: a female bound to serve without wages.

Cultism: religious zeal; the willingness to serve God.

Mentor: serve as a teacher or trusted counselor.

Juror: someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury.

Apparatus: equipment designed to serve a specific function.

Server: a person whose occupation is to serve at table (as in a restaurant).

Hospital Ship: a ship built to serve as a hospital; used for wounded in wartime.

Co: one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience.

Fault: (sports) a serve that is illegal (e.g., that lands outside the prescribed area).

Dysfunctional: (of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose.

Batman: an orderly assigned to serve a British military officer.

Press Gang: a detachment empowered to force civilians to serve in the army or navy.

Cupbearer: the attendant (usually an officer of a nobleman's household) whose duty is to fill and serve cups of wine.

Feudal System: the social system that found in Europe in the 8th century; vassals were protected by lords who they had to serve in war.

Spoon: a piece of cutlery with a shallow bowl-shaped container and a handle; used to stir or serve or take up food.

Feast Of Sacrifice: on the 10th day of Dhu`l-Hijja, known as Eid al-Adha, Muslims worldwide gather in mosques to attend a special prayer service. In addition, those who are not performing the Hajj pilgrimage engage in a meaningful ritual known as Qurbani or the sacrifice of an animal. Traditionally, a sheep is sacrificed, symbolizing the redemption of Abraham`s son through God`s mercy. It is customary for at least one-third of the meat from the sacrifice to be donated to charitable causes.

Related Words

Act : کام کرنا , Function : فرائض انجام دینا , Cater : فراہم کرنا , Effect : پورا کرنا , Do Work : کام کرنا , Represent : نمائندگی کرنا , Aid : مدد کرنا , Act As : کردار ادا کرنا , Pass : وقت گزارنا

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