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Shamelessness meaning in Urdu

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Shamelessness Definitions

1) Shamelessness, Brazenness : بے شرمی : (noun) behavior marked by a bold defiance of the proprieties and lack of shame.


Useful Words

Unashamed : بے غیرت , Mean : کنجوس , Apathetic : بے حس , Confusedness : ذہنی الجھاو , Oppressive : جابرانہ , Careless : لا پروا , Naif : بھولا بھالا , Desultory : بے ترتیب , Conventional : روایتی , Insubordination : نافرمانی , Hover : ہوا میں معلق ہونا , Brazen : ڈٹ کر سامنا کرنا , Levitate : ہوا میں تیرنا , Insubordinate : مزاحمت کار , Lawlessness : قانونی مراعات و حمایت سے محروم , Kuru : مہلک دماغی بیماری , Brash : گستاخ , Confrontation : مقابلہ , Devilish : شرارت سے , Fresh : بے ادب , Aggressiveness : جارحیت پسندی , Impishly : شرارت سے , Boldly : بے خوفی سے , Nonenterprising : جسے نئے کام کرنے کا حوصلہ نہ ہو , Assertiveness : خود اعتمادی , Barefacedly : بے شرمی سے , Ashamedly : شرمندگی کے ساتھ , Shameless : بے شرم , Reproach : بدنامی , Shamefaced : شرمانا , Attaint : رسوا کروانا

Useful Words Definitions

Unashamed: used of persons or their behavior; feeling no shame.

Mean: (used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity.

Apathetic: marked by a lack of interest.

Confusedness: a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior.

Oppressive: marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior.

Careless: marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful.

Naif: marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience.

Desultory: marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose; jumping from one thing to another.

Conventional: following accepted customs and proprieties.

Insubordination: defiance of authority.

Hover: be suspended in the air, as if in defiance of gravity.

Brazen: face with defiance or impudence.

Levitate: cause to rise in the air and float, as if in defiance of gravity.

Insubordinate: disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority.

Lawlessness: illegality as a consequence of unlawful acts; defiance of the law.

Kuru: a progressive disease of the central nervous system marked by increasing lack of coordination and advancing to paralysis and death within a year of the appearance of symptoms; thought to have been transmitted by cannibalistic consumption of diseased brain tissue since the disease virtually disappeared when cannibalism was abandoned.

Brash: offensively bold.

Confrontation: a bold challenge.

Devilish: playful in an appealingly bold way.

Fresh: improperly forward or bold.

Aggressiveness: the quality of being bold and enterprising.

Impishly: in an appealing but bold manner.

Boldly: with boldness, in a bold manner.

Nonenterprising: lacking in enterprise; not bold or venturesome.

Assertiveness: aggressive self-assurance; given to making bold assertions.

Barefacedly: without shame.

Ashamedly: with a feeling of shame.

Shameless: feeling no shame.

Reproach: disgrace or shame.

Shamefaced: showing a sense of shame.

Attaint: bring shame or dishonor upon.

Related Words

Boldness : دلیری