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شَرمیلا : Sharmila Meaning in English

Sharmila Synonyms

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Sharmila in Detail

1 of 5) شرمیلا : Diffident Shy Timid Unsure : (adjective) lacking self-confidence.

Related : Confidence : a feeling of trust (in someone or something).


2 of 5) شرمیلا جھینپو : Unassertive : (adjective) inclined to timidity or lack of self-confidence.

Related : Self-Effacing : reluctant to draw attention to yourself. Submissive : inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination.

3 of 5) شرمیلا : Coy Demure Overmodest : (satellite adjective) affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way.

4 of 5) جھینپو شرمیلا : Bashful : (satellite adjective) self-consciously timid.

5 of 5) شرمیلا : Shamefaced : (satellite adjective) extremely modest or shy.

Useful Words

بزدل : Cautious, Timid : people who are fearful and cautious. "Ziplining over river is not for the timid".

شرمیلے پن سے : Bashfully, Shyly, Timidly : in a shy or timid or bashful manner. "He smiled shyly".

بزدلانہ : Cowardly, Fearful : lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearted. "Cowardly dogs, ye will not aid me then".

خوفزدہ : Fearful, Timorous, Trepid : timid by nature or revealing timidity. "Timorous little mouse".

خرگوش نما : Hare : swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes. "To hunt with the hounds and run with the hare".

ڈرانا : Intimidate : make timid or fearful. "He wanted to obtain justice after being wrongly convicted but the powerful people intimidated him".

دہشت : Intimidation : the feeling of being intimidated; being made to feel afraid or timid.

مردانگی سے محروم : Milksop, Milquetoast, Pansy, Pantywaist, Sissy : a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive.

مذبذب : Incertain, Uncertain, Unsure : lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance. "Uncertain of his convictions".

خود اعتمادی کا فقدان : Diffidence, Self-Distrust, Self-Doubt : lack of self-confidence.

بھروسے اور یقین کے ساتھ : On Faith : with trust and confidence. "We accepted him on faith".

بھروسہ کرنا : Bank, Rely, Swear, Trust : have confidence or faith in. "Farhan trusted Kiran blindly that she would marry him by hook or by crook but she married to someone else".

کسی پر بھروسہ کرنا : Depend On, Depend Upon, Rely On, Rely Upon : put trust in with confidence. "She is someone you can really rely on when times get rough".

بھروسہ کرنا : Bet, Calculate, Count, Depend, Look, Reckon : have faith or confidence in. "You can count on me to help you any time".

یقین دلاتی : Assuring : giving confidence.

اعتماد : Bucked Up, Encouraged : inspired with confidence. "Felt bucked up by his success".

مغرور : Cocksure, Overconfident, Positive : marked by excessive confidence. "An arrogant and cocksure materialist".

امید : Anticipation, Expectation : anticipating with confidence of fulfillment. "He waited with great anticipation for wedding to arrive".

پر اعتماد : Confident : having or marked by confidence or assurance. "A confident speaker".

خیال : Belief, Feeling, Impression, Notion, Opinion : a vague idea in which some confidence is placed. "His impression of her was favorable".

خفیہ معلومات : Confidential, Secret : (of information) given in confidence or in secret. "This arrangement must be kept confidential".

حوصلے بڑھنے کا عمل : Reassurance : the act of reassuring; restoring someone's confidence.

مخفی : Confidential : denoting confidence or intimacy. "A confidential approach".

اعتماد سے : Confidently : with confidence; in a confident manner. "We have to do what is right confidently".

وفاداری : Trustiness, Trustworthiness : the trait of deserving trust and confidence.

معتبر : Sure, Trusted : (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence. "A sure (or trusted) friend".

اعتماد : Faith, Trust : complete confidence in a person or plan etc. "I have lost her trust".

خفیہ : Confidential : entrusted with private information and the confidence of another. "A confidential secretary".

حوصلہ بحال کرنا : Reassure : give or restore confidence in; cause to feel sure or certain. "I reassured him that we were safe".

دھوکے باز : Con Artist, Con Man, Confidence Man : a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim. "He is a con man".

تعین : Definiteness, Determinateness : the quality of being predictable with great confidence.

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