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She   Meaning in Urdu

1. She : وہ لڑکی : (preposition) Used to refer a woman or girl.

Oh, she is Maryam.
She shied and went back.+ More

2. She : وہ لڑکی - وہ عورت : (preposition) Used to refer a woman or girl.

She in Book Titles

She: A History of Adventure.
She Fell Among Thieves.
When She Dreams.

Daughter, Girl : بیٹی : a female human offspring. "She is your would be daughter in law"

Consult, Look Up, Refer : رجوع کرنا : seek information from. "You should consult the dictionary"

Secondhand, Used : استعمال شدہ : previously used or owned by another. "Bought a secondhand (or used) car"

Char, Charwoman, Cleaning Lady, Cleaning Woman, Woman : ماسی : a human female employed to do housework. "The charwoman will clean the carpet"

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