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Exclude : داخل نہ ہونے دینا , Blink : آنکھ جھپکانا , Weather-Bound : خراب موسم کی وجہ سے رکا ہوا , Close : بند کرنا , Padlock : لوک , Enclose : ہر طرف سے بند کر نا , Hermetic : ہوا بند , Beleaguer : گھیرلینا , Circumvallate : حصار بنانا , Fence : چار دیواری , Circumstance : حالات , Lip : لب , Wall In : دیوار کے ساتھ کرنا , Box In : بند کرنا , Capsulate : کیپسول میں بند کرنا , Case : پھنسے ہونا , Bower : درختوں کی کنج میں رہنا , Sheathe : نیام میں ڈالنا , Corral : باڑ بند کرنا , Fishing Net : مچھلی پکڑنے کا جال , Bandage : لپیٹنا , Meningioma : رفتہ رفتہ برھنے والی بیماری , Fence : جنگلا , Hedge : باڑ لگانا , Embank : بند باندھنا , Wall : دیوار , Meningitis : ورم پردۂ دماغ , All The Way : تمام , Stark : پوری طرح , Spend : خرچ کردینا , Au Naturel : پورا ننگا

Useful Words Definitions

Exclude: prevent from entering; shut out.

Blink: briefly shut the eyes.

Weather-Bound: delayed or shut in by bad weather.

Close: move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut.

Padlock: a detachable lock; has a hinged shackle that can be passed through the staple of a hasp or the links in a chain and then snapped shut.

Enclose: enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering.

Hermetic: completely sealed; completely airtight.

Beleaguer: surround so as to force to give up.

Circumvallate: surround with or as if with a rampart or other fortification.

Fence: surround with a wall in order to fortify.

Circumstance: the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event.

Lip: either of two fleshy folds of tissue that surround the mouth and play a role in speaking.

Wall In: enclose with a wall.

Box In: enclose or confine as if in a box.

Capsulate: enclose in a capsule.

Case: enclose in, or as if in, a case.

Bower: enclose in a bower.

Sheathe: enclose with a sheath.

Corral: enclose in a corral.

Fishing Net: a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in.

Bandage: wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose.

Meningioma: a tumor arising in the meninges which surround the brain and spinal cord; usually slow growing and sometimes malignant.

Fence: a barrier that serves to enclose an area.

Hedge: enclose or bound in with or as it with a hedge or hedges.

Embank: enclose with banks, as for support or protection.

Wall: an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure.

Meningitis: infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord) usually caused by a bacterial infection; symptoms include headache and stiff neck and fever and nausea.

All The Way: completely.

Stark: completely.

Spend: spend completely.

Au Naturel: completely unclothed.

Related Words

Insert : اندر کرنا , Border : گھرا ہونا

Close Words

Shut : بند ہونا , Shut Away : بند کرنا , Shut Down : اختتام کر دینا , Shut Off : بند کرنا , Shut Up : چپ ہو جانا , Shut-In : تھوڑا موڑا ہوا , Shutdown : بندش , Shuteye : سونے کا غیر رسمی اصطلاح , Shutter : شٹر بند کرنا , Shuttle : ایک جانب سے دوسری جانب سفر کرنا

Close Words Definitions

Shut: become closed.

Shut Away: place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape.

Shut Down: cease to operate or cause to cease operating.

Shut Off: block off the passage through.

Shut Up: refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent.

Shut-In: somewhat introverted.

Shutdown: termination of operations.

Shuteye: informal term for sleep.

Shutter: close with shutters.

Shuttle: travel back and forth between two points.

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