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Sidecar meaning in Urdu

Sidecar Definitions

1) Sidecar : موٹر سائیکل کے ساتھ جوڑی ہوئی ایک بغلی گاڑی : (noun) conveyance consisting of a small carrier attached to the side of a motorcycle.


Useful Words

Minibike : چھوٹی موٹر سائیکل , Kickstand : کیک اسٹینڈ , Litter : ڈولی , Blinder : چشم بند , Semidetached : جزوی طور پر علیحدہ , Gyrostabiliser : توازن گر , Pike : نیزہ , Quipu : حسابی رسی , Flank : پہلو , Harness : بگھی کے جانور کی پٹی جو جانور اور بگھی میں باندھی جاتی ہے , Splashboard : کیچڑ روکنے کا تختہ , Motorcyclist : موٹر سائیکل چلانے والا , Cycling : سائیکل چلانا , Cove : غار , Collimator : توازن گر , Burnup : عام سڑک پر تیز رفتار موٹر سائیکل دوڑ , Transshipment : جہاز بدلی , Accommodation Ladder : جہازوں کی مددگار سیڑھی , Mailbag : ڈاک کی بوری , Mudguard : مڈ گارڈ , Vehicle : گاڑی , Fare : سواری کا کرایہ , Luggage Carrier : سامان رکھنے کا اسٹینڈ , Freight : بار برداری کا کرایہ , Spokeshave : ایک آلہ جو کاٹنے کے کام آتا ھے , Horsebox : گھوڑے منتقل کرنے کی گاڑی , Conductor : وہ آدمی جو کرایہ جمع کرے , Tackler : اڑنگا لگانے والا , Fragmental : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے , Cargo Ships : تجارتی بحری بیڑا , Mortgage : گروی رکھنا

Useful Words Definitions

Minibike: small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebars.

Kickstand: a swiveling metal rod attached to a bicycle or motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle; the rod lies horizontally when not in use but can be kicked into a vertical position as a support to hold the vehicle upright when it is not being ridden.

Litter: conveyance consisting of a chair or bed carried on two poles by bearers.

Blinder: blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side.

Semidetached: attached on one side only.

Gyrostabiliser: a stabilizer consisting of a heavy gyroscope that spins on a vertical axis; reduces side-to-side rolling of a ship or plane.

Pike: medieval weapon consisting of a spearhead attached to a long pole or pikestaff; superseded by the bayonet.

Quipu: calculator consisting of a cord with attached cords; used by ancient Peruvians for calculating and keeping records.

Flank: a subfigure consisting of a side of something.

Harness: stable gear consisting of an arrangement of leather straps fitted to a draft animal so that it can be attached to and pull a cart.

Splashboard: protective covering consisting of a broad plank along a gunwale to keep water from splashing over the side.

Motorcyclist: a traveler who rides a motorcycle.

Cycling: the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle.

Cove: small or narrow cave in the side of a cliff or mountain.

Collimator: a small telescope attached to a large telescope to use in setting the line of the larger one.

Burnup: a high-speed motorcycle race on a public road.

Transshipment: the transfer from one conveyance to another for shipment.

Accommodation Ladder: (nautical) a portable ladder hung over the side of a vessel to give access to small boats alongside.

Mailbag: letter carrier's shoulder bag.

Mudguard: a curved piece above the wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle to protect the rider from water or mud thrown up by the wheels.

Vehicle: a conveyance that transports people or objects.

Fare: the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance.

Luggage Carrier: carrier (as behind a bicycle seat) for luggage.

Freight: the charge for transporting something by common carrier.

Spokeshave: a small plane that has a handle on each side of its blade; used for shaping or smoothing cylindrical wooden surfaces (originally wheel spokes).

Horsebox: a conveyance (railroad car or trailer) for transporting racehorses.

Conductor: the person who collects fares on a public conveyance.

Tackler: a football player who tackles the ball carrier.

Fragmental: consisting of small disconnected parts.

Cargo Ships: conveyance provided by the ships belonging to one country or industry.

Mortgage: a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan.

Related Words

Conveyance : وسیلہ